Fractory Appoints Lone Jensen as Chief Operating Officer to Drive Operational Growth

by Anna

Manchester-based manufacturing technology company, Fractory, has announced the appointment of Lone Jensen as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). Originally from Denmark, Lone brings a wealth of experience as a computer engineer turned operational leader. Previously associated with Startup Wise Guys, a leading European B2B early-stage investor, she served as Managing Director and later as COO. Startup Wise Guys was named the Hottest Accelerator at the 2021 Europas Startup Awards and has consistently been recognized among the most active European seed stage investors.

Lone’s role as Fractory’s first COO follows a recent funding round and underscores the company’s commitment to strategic growth. She will primarily operate from Manchester but will maintain a regular presence in Estonia and Finland, where Fractory has a significant presence.


Martin Vares, CEO and co-founder of Fractory, expressed confidence in Lone’s ability to contribute to the company’s growth. With a background in the tech sector and a track record of operational excellence, she aligns well with Fractory’s needs. Vares highlighted the transformative nature of the COO role, emphasizing the need to handle current demands and prepare for future expansion as the company evolves into a larger entity with prominent clients.


Lone Jensen commented on Fractory’s evolving landscape, noting the increasing volume of orders and the reliance of larger organizations on its services. She emphasized the need to organize the company structure meticulously to manage present demands and facilitate sustained growth, considering recent investments and strategic partnerships.


In a recent funding round, Fractory secured £4.2 million, led by the Finnish VC fund Kvanted, specializing in industrial tech companies. This investment has positioned Fractory for substantial growth, making Lone’s operational expertise vital to the company’s development.


Lone Jensen has a reputation for driving positive impact and sustainable growth in companies that prioritize innovation and purpose. Fractory’s focus on bringing efficiency to the manufacturing sector aligns with her vision for creating meaningful contributions to business landscapes.

Additionally, Fractory has expanded its team with the addition of three sales development representatives in the UK – Heidi Preston, Boris Sinju, and Connor McQue. These additions enhance the company’s outbound sales capabilities, supporting its engineering team in Manchester as they cater to existing clients and handle inbound inquiries.

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