EMO Hannover 2023 to Spotlight Cutting-Edge Additive Manufacturing Innovations

by Anna

Hannover, Germany – EMO Hannover, the world’s foremost trade fair for production technology, is gearing up to showcase the latest developments in industrial 3D printing at the Additive Manufacturing Area, slated to take place from September 18 to 23, 2023, at Stand G22 in Hall 9.

Dr. Markus Heering, Managing Director of the Additive Manufacturing (AM) association within VDMA, highlighted the growing significance of additive manufacturing at EMO Hannover. He emphasized that the AM process chain has numerous points of convergence with subtractive manufacturing. Many additively manufactured components require machining before they can be used effectively, unlocking the benefits of lightweight grippers, near-contour cooled tools, on-demand spare parts, and more.


The Additive Manufacturing Area at EMO Hannover serves as a hub for trade visitors seeking insights into the latest advancements in industrial 3D printing. Whether for integrating it into their production processes or realizing new product concepts, this area provides a valuable platform.


Nine prominent companies—Additive Industries, Daimler Buses – EvoBus, Hamuel Maschinenbau, Q.Big 3D, Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Technology, Trumpf Laser- und Systemtechnik, VDMA Association AM, JEOL, and Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik—will showcase innovative concepts encompassing direct and indirect 3D printing technologies, materials, and Rapid Product Development (RPD). They will elucidate how additive manufacturing can seamlessly integrate into the production workflow.


Gabriel Pankow, spokesperson for Trumpf Laser- und Systemtechnik in Dietzingen, Germany, underlined the significance of additive manufacturing in the realm of production technology. At EMO Hannover, they will demonstrate the immense potential of 3D printing for tool and mold making, including benefits in prototype development and tool weight reduction, as well as the integration of intricate internal cooling channels for precise tool cooling.


Dr. Markus Heering emphasized the transformative power of layering technologies, highlighting their application beyond machine tools. The advantages of design freedom, flexibility, and specialized services extend to various industries, making 3D printing a versatile solution.

Oliver Friz, Managing Director of Q.Big 3D in Aalen, Germany, sees substantial untapped potential in larger-scale 3D printing. They will showcase engineering solutions for cladding parts, tanks, measuring and assembly fixtures, leveraging the geometric freedom offered by 3D printing to produce larger components faster, more cost-effectively, and in an environmentally sustainable manner compared to conventional methods.

Kartik Rao, Strategic Marketing Director at Additive Industries in the Netherlands, will highlight AM automation as a key focus. Additive Industries aims to redefine the business case for aerospace, automotive, energy, and high-tech equipment by emphasizing large construction sizes, robustness, and productivity. Visitors to EMO Hannover can expect to witness how integrated automation enhances cost structures for part production while expanding design possibilities in additive metal manufacturing.

Andreas Tietz, Global Head of Sales at Zeiss AM Technology in Oberkochen, Germany, underscores the paramount importance of maintaining high quality in 3D printing. The advantages of additive manufacturing in industries like automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, and medical devices can only be fully realized when quality is assured. Zeiss will showcase a range of products and solutions aimed at improving quality, defect analysis, long-term process enhancements, and setting standards for future series production.

These companies represent just a glimpse of the innovations and insights awaiting visitors at the Additive Manufacturing Area of EMO Hannover 2023, where the cutting edge of industrial 3D printing will be on full display.

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