Turck Banner Tackles Electric Vehicle Charging Challenges with Industrial Automation Expertise

by Anna

In the rapidly evolving electric vehicle (EV) market, Turck Banner, an industrial automation specialist, is harnessing its industrial automation expertise to address the growing challenges faced by EV charging infrastructure.

The surge in electric vehicle sales has outpaced the deployment of charging points, particularly in the public domain, creating an increasingly pressing issue. Turck Banner, in collaboration with EV charging companies like VCI, is stepping up to provide sensors and specialized knowledge to detect vehicle presence and monitor charging current at these charging points. Leveraging their existing industrial sensor technology, which has applications across various sectors, including automotive and medical industries, Turck Banner is working towards resolving these issues.


Identifying Key Issues:

Two primary challenges have emerged:


Parking without Charging: Many vehicles are occupying charging spots without actually utilizing the charging service.
Overstaying at Fully Charged: Some vehicles remain parked at charging points long after reaching a full charge, hindering others from accessing the facility.


Addressing Challenges:

Turck Banner is employing innovative solutions to tackle these issues:


User Engagement: External indications, such as traffic lights visible to drivers, signal that their actions are being monitored, promoting proper usage. This approach can be expanded to incorporate full bay illumination in different colors, such as red and green.

Visual Charging Information: Multi-segment LED lights are used to convey critical charging details, including current, percentage of full charge, time spent charging, and estimated remaining charge time. This information is especially valuable to users waiting for a charger, allowing them to estimate waiting times from within their vehicles.

Queue Management: Various queuing systems are being planned and tested, relying on real-time usage data and indicators to guide users. Data can be transmitted to equipment operators or suppliers through the charger system or via GSM technology integrated into Turck Banner equipment. Messages can also be sent to relevant authorities, such as traffic wardens.

Data Utilization: Collected usage data is instrumental in identifying high-demand locations for expansion planning and provides early warnings of charger malfunctions. Many charging sites have multiple chargers with different capabilities, making it common for users to switch to a more suitable charger. Comparing data from individual chargers with site-wide data informs expansion decisions and charger type selection.

Charger Monitoring: Turck Banner’s equipment also monitors chargers for failures, tampering, or vandalism, addressing potential frustrations for users.

As the EV charging landscape continues to evolve, it is likely that further innovative solutions will emerge. Companies like Turck Banner operating in this sector must remain adaptable, innovative, and responsive to meet the evolving needs of the market.

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