Mettler-Toledo’s Webinar Explores Achieving Operational Excellence in Food and Beverage through Digitalization

by Anna

Mettler-Toledo, a leading provider of precision instruments and services, is set to host a live webinar titled “Operational Excellence through Digitalization,” focusing on the transformative potential of digitalization within the food and beverage industry.


Date and Time: October 5, 2023, at 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM BST



In this enlightening 20-minute presentation followed by an interactive 20-minute expert panel discussion and open debate with the audience, industry experts will delve into the profound impact of digitalization on the food and beverage sector and its role in achieving operational excellence.

Key Discussion Points:

The webinar will tackle various crucial aspects, including:

Current Industry Drivers: Gain insights into the driving forces behind digital transformation and its potential impact on the food and beverage sector.

Identifying Areas for Improvement: Understand how digitalization can revolutionize key operational areas, enhancing processes and elevating performance metrics.

Overcoming Digital Transformation Barriers: Explore common challenges faced during digitalization journeys and learn strategies to navigate and overcome them.

Expert Presenters:

The webinar will be presented by industry experts Ian Scott-Mance, known for his leadership as a digitalization project manager, and Fadi Homsi, Head of Global Key Accounts for Mettler-Toledo.

Expert Panel:

Engage with a panel of distinguished experts, each renowned in their respective fields:

Fadi Homsi, Head of Global Key Account Management at Mettler-Toledo, offering perspectives on digitalization and its practical implementation.

Gunnar Danielson, Head of Global Software Solutions and LabX Business Development at Mettler-Toledo, sharing insights gained through extensive involvement in digital transformation projects within the food and beverage sector.

Maximiliano Moreira, Business Development Manager, specializing in assisting food companies in their digital transformation journey.

Holger Schmidt, Global Industry Manager with a 30-year background in mechanical engineering and automation, well-versed in the realities of modern food processing plants.


Mettler-Toledo’s webinar promises to provide valuable insights into how digitalization can be harnessed for achieving operational excellence in the food and beverage industry. It offers a platform for industry experts to share their knowledge and discuss strategies for embracing digital transformation effectively.


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