CGTech Unveils VERICUT Version 9.4 with Enhanced Usability and Connectivity for CNC Machining

by Anna

In sync with the forthcoming EMO 2023 in Hanover (Hall 9/Stand B24), CGTech, the brains behind CNC machine simulation software VERICUT, proudly launches the new VERICUT Version 9.4. Adhering to the theme “Get connected,” this latest iteration introduces an array of features and functionalities designed to immediately augment the day-to-day operations of metal-cutting production.


Priority on Usability:

From milling to turning, and beyond to mill-turning and diverse CNC machining practices, VERICUT remains the benchmark for CNC machine simulation, NC program optimization, and verification. Daniel Magnusson, CGTech’s Vice President of Commercial Business, emphasized, “VERICUT is the industry standard for a reason. It caters to the entire spectrum of CNC machining needs, ensuring top-tier usability across the board.”


Rooted in Aerospace Heritage, Industry-Agnostic:

CGTech’s solutions trace their roots back to the aerospace industry, yet they have seamlessly permeated all domains, ranging from oil and gas, medical technology, tool and mold making, to the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula 1. This successful foray across industries underscores the core tenet of CGTech’s ethos: furnishing unparalleled usability to global users, regardless of their industry.

Transitioning to Live Manufacturing:

The spotlight of VERICUT Version 9.4 rests on the CNC Machine Monitoring module, which leverages enhanced connectivity throughout the manufacturing workflow, enabling organizations to magnify resource utilization.

Through VERICUT, real-time events unfolding on the shop floor can be live-streamed, granting a live overview of machine activities. This stream provides insights into the active NC program or subprogram, axis movements, spindle operations, and tool usage.

Facilitating seamless workflow, the CNC Precheck, a standalone app, empowers machine operators to cross-reference the machine setup data with VERICUT’s insights, without necessitating a VERICUT license. Any disparities, potentially leading to operational hiccups, can be swiftly addressed before commencing actual machining. This application notably ensures alignment between the real machine parameters and the virtual VERICUT machine’s settings.

Smart, Lean, Productive:

A major highlight, the enhanced VERICUT Reviewer, adds practicality by enabling individuals across the organization, including Machinists, Engineers, and Quality Assurance personnel, to scrutinize NC programs pre-execution on the actual CNC machine—sans tying up a VERICUT license. A downloadable Reviewer app grants access to this functionality.

Delving deeper, VERICUT 9.4 extends optimization benefits to all users, even those without the Force module. Streamlined setups and access to VERICUT Tool Data render rapid optimization of NC programs achievable, saving valuable time and eliminating the hunt for starting values related to materials and cutting tool parameters. Importantly, the capability to import cutting data with cutting tool assemblies, sourced from vendors and repositories like MachiningCloud, TDM, ZOLLER, and more, empowers users with versatile resources.

In conclusion, VERICUT 9.4 introduces a range of enhancements encompassing bolstered Multi-ToolStations (MTS) support, a novel ToolsUnited interface—offering access to tool and cutting data from over 40 manufacturers—and enriched tool data that encompasses HSS and ceramic milling cutters, along with knurled milling cutters. CGTech’s VERICUT Version 9.4 ushers in a new era of CNC machining efficiency and connectivity.


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