MAPAL Unveils Exciting Innovations and Sustainability Focus at EMO 2023

by Anna

MAPAL, a global leader in precision cutting tool solutions, is set to captivate attendees at EMO 2023 with an impressive showcase of innovations spanning across an expansive 480 square meters of exhibition space. This influential event, slated for the upcoming month, will see MAPAL’s presence in Hall 4, Stand A18, where a confluence of advancements, the newly launched online shop, and sustainability initiatives will take center stage.


Focus on Varied Sectors: Automotive, Aerospace, and More:

While MAPAL will spotlight an array of industries, including automotive, aerospace, fluid power technology, and die and mould making, the spotlight will firmly be on the upcoming innovations for 2024. This strategic move echoes the company’s commitment to pioneering solutions that push the boundaries of efficiency and precision in machining.


New Online Shop for Streamlined Access:

One of the prime highlights of MAPAL’s EMO 2023 presence is the unveiling of their new online shop. This digital platform, which is already available to customers in Germany and Austria, serves as a hub of over 6,600 stocked products covering drilling, milling, countersinking, and clamping needs. The platform’s emphasis on seamless user experience, coupled with expedited delivery and state-of-the-art features, ensures that customers reap the benefits of enhanced accessibility and efficiency.

Jacek Kruszynski, Chief Technology Officer of the Mapal Group, expounds, “Our customers stand to gain significantly from the convenience of shorter delivery times, complimentary delivery services, and cutting-edge shop functionalities. The development of the online shop is a testament to our commitment to cater to the evolving needs of our valued clientele.”

Towards Sustainable Excellence:

MAPAL’s ethos extends to a fervent focus on sustainability, with the company consistently striving to uphold eco-friendly and responsible practices. This commitment is evident not only in their operations but also in the solutions they present. The tools and clamping chucks showcased at EMO 2023 will spotlight the synergy between innovation and sustainability. A heightened emphasis on energy efficiency, resource conservation, and safety underlines MAPAL’s dedication to shaping an ecologically conscious manufacturing landscape.

Steve Marshall, Manufacturing Transformation Director at Sheffield Forgemasters, asserts, “Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond conventional norms. Not only do we adhere to sustainable practices within our operations, but we also take proactive steps to support our customers in their journey towards sustainable production.”

Innovations that Elevate Machining:

As attendees explore MAPAL’s offerings at EMO 2023, they will encounter a host of pioneering tools and solutions that champion efficiency and precision across various industries:

Deep Drilling and Reaming Mastery: Among the notable innovations, the MEGA-Deep-Drill-Steel product range shines with its capacity to handle steel and cast iron machining, featuring an innovative HiPIMS coating technology that enhances chip removal efficiency. The geometry of these deep drills delivers extended tool life and heightened productivity, enabling up to 50% higher feed rates compared to previous models.

Cost-Effective Reaming: The FixReam 700 reamers, boasting brazed cutting edges, promise high usability due to their expansion system. A single reamer offers nine tool lives, effectively reducing tool costs by up to 15%, while patented geometries enhance roundness, cylindrical form, and chip removal.

Aluminium Machining Excellence: MAPAL’s solid carbide roughing milling cutter OptiMill-Alu-Wave leverages high-performance machines, achieving a remarkable material removal rate of up to 21 litres per minute in aluminium materials. The NeoMill-Alu-QBig indexable insert milling cutters, designed for larger diameters, excel with surface finishes of Ra 0.8 µm and Rz 4.0 µm for roughing and finishing, even in high chip volume scenarios.

With the spotlight on innovative prowess, sustainability, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, MAPAL’s presence at EMO 2023 promises to reshape the landscape of precision cutting tools and machining solutions.


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