Yorkshire Plant Begins Demolition for UK’s Largest Open-Die Forging Line

by Anna

Controlled demolition has commenced at a renowned Yorkshire facility as part of an ambitious endeavor to establish the United Kingdom’s largest open-die forging line. Sheffield Forgemasters, situated at the northern end of Brightside Lane, is making way for a groundbreaking 13,000-tonne Heavy Forge. The new facility, nestled within a spacious 12,700-square-meter structure adjacent to the Sheffield to Meadowhall train line, aims to redefine forging operations in Europe and become the UK’s most expansive of its kind.


The ongoing demolition involves dismantling sections of disused Forge and Foundry buildings, harking back to the Victorian era. This strategic maneuver will pave the way for the state-of-the-art Heavy Forge, positioning Sheffield Forgemasters as a trailblazer in efficient and forward-thinking manufacturing practices.


Steve Marshall, Sheffield Forgemasters’ Manufacturing Transformation Director, emphasized the significance of this milestone, remarking, “Two years of meticulous planning and preparatory works have culminated in this momentous juncture—unveiling the groundwork for our revolutionary forging line. Much of the slated demolition areas have remained inactive for a considerable period. A robust partitioning wall has been established to ensure the coexistence of functional site areas and the methodical, step-by-step demolition process.”

To ensure environmental soundness and safety adherence, comprehensive site remediation efforts were undertaken. These measures encompassed disassembling internal steel structures, ground stabilization, pile-driving for the segregation wall’s foundation, and thorough identification and removal of potential contaminants.

Steve added, “An assemblage of adept specialists has been instrumental in attaining a site that adheres to top-tier environmental and safety benchmarks, including the establishment of a new access road onto Brightside Lane. With this phase, our progress becomes tangibly discernible as we unveil the spatial expanse destined for the innovative Forge.”

The Sheffield Forgemasters recapitalization team, at the helm of the Forge project, anticipates excavating more than 25,000 cubic meters of spoil to prepare foundations for the substantial press. Simultaneously, 4,500 cubic meters of existing concrete will be crushed, a testament to the project’s dedication to sustainable practices.

Steve continued, “In line with the highest environmental standards, all excavated materials from the site will undergo grading and recycling, prioritizing ecological responsibility.”

The multi-million GBP venture is projected to witness foundation completion by 2025. This expansive facility will cater to an array of defense and commercial needs, with a focus on sectors such as civil nuclear power, ushering in a new era of innovative and transformative forging endeavors.


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