Loxham Precision: Leading Innovation in Ultra-Precision Machine Tools

by Anna

In the realm of precision engineering, Loxham Precision stands out as a pioneer, specializing in the development and manufacture of next-generation ultra-precise machine tools and motion systems. Founded in 2011 as a spin-off from Cranfield University, Loxham Precision has quickly risen to prominence, catering to industries that demand exceptional accuracy and dimensional tolerances in microns.


The success story of Loxham Precision is intertwined with its strategic partnership with Open Mind Technologies and its hyperMILL CAD/CAM system. By leveraging Open Mind’s industry-leading software, Loxham Precision has been able to not only develop cutting-edge machine solutions but also establish a strong foothold in the market.


Loxham Precision’s product portfolio includes an array of advanced machine tools, such as the BoX free-form grinding machine, the μ6 Micro 6-axis Turn/Mill machine, the μ5 Turn/Mill machine, and the AEROLOX Series 200 of linear motion slides. These innovative offerings enable precision turning, milling, and grinding for a diverse range of applications, from quantum devices and electro-optics to medical devices, watch components, and aerospace sensors.

At the helm of Loxham Precision is CEO Professor Paul Shore, a distinguished figure with a wealth of experience in academia, industry, and research. Under his leadership, Loxham Precision has pushed the boundaries of convention, delivering machines capable of achieving nano-scale operations with unparalleled precision.

Reflecting on the collaboration with Open Mind, Professor Shore emphasized the invaluable support and expertise provided by the hyperMILL CAD/CAM system. “Open Mind has been instrumental in empowering us to not only manufacture high-precision machine components but also validate our machine tools,” said Professor Shore. “Their commitment to innovation and unwavering support have been pivotal in our journey.”

One of the key advantages of partnering with Open Mind is their flexibility and willingness to adapt to unique requirements. Unlike conventional machine tool builders, Loxham Precision utilizes an open architecture system for CNC control. Open Mind embraced this approach, demonstrating their capability to integrate hyperMILL seamlessly.

This collaboration has empowered Loxham Precision to cater to rapidly expanding market segments, offering ultra-precise machine tools equipped with hyperMILL licenses. By incorporating Open Mind’s CAD/CAM suite, Loxham Precision not only enhances the performance of its machines but also instills confidence in customers seeking advanced 5-axis solutions.

Looking ahead, the partnership between Loxham Precision and Open Mind Technologies continues to flourish, bridging the gap between niche precision engineering and mainstream industry demands. As Loxham Precision continues to lead innovation in ultra-precision machine tools, Open Mind remains a trusted ally, driving excellence and shaping the future of precision manufacturing. Together, they pave the way for advancements in micro and nano-scale engineering, setting new standards in precision and performance.


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