HRH The Princess Royal Inaugurates UK’s First 300mm Semiconductor Fabrication Line at Pragmatic Park, Durham

by Anna

Pragmatic Semiconductor welcomed a distinguished guest today as HRH The Princess Royal officially inaugurated the United Kingdom’s inaugural 300mm semiconductor wafer fabrication line (fab) at Pragmatic Park in Durham. This milestone marks a significant advancement in the UK’s semiconductor industry and underscores Pragmatic Semiconductor’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.


The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, located at Pragmatic Park in Durham, UK, specializes in producing chips based on Pragmatic’s revolutionary flexible integrated circuit (FlexIC) technology. HRH The Princess Royal, accompanied by David Moore, CEO of Pragmatic Semiconductor, embarked on a comprehensive tour of the clean room and facilities. The visit culminated in the unveiling of a commemorative plaque to mark this historic occasion. Notable attendees included key customers, ecosystem partners, investors, and government officials.


Pragmatic’s FlexICs represent a paradigm shift in semiconductor technology, offering low-cost, sustainable alternatives to traditional silicon chips. With an ultra-thin, flexible form factor, FlexICs enable connectivity, sensing, and computing capabilities, driving innovation in the Internet of Things (IoT) across various sectors, including consumer electronics, industrial applications, and healthcare.

The company’s mission extends beyond technological innovation; it aims to equip trillions of smart objects with item-level intelligence over the next decade. This ambitious goal holds significant potential for applications such as smart packaging, wearable devices, sensors, and flexible controllers. By enabling enhanced levels of reuse and recycling, Pragmatic Semiconductor seeks to revolutionize waste management and facilitate the transition to a circular economy.

Pragmatic Park, boasting the capacity to accommodate up to nine fabrication lines, is poised to become a hub for semiconductor manufacturing excellence. The company’s sustainable approach to manufacturing, characterized by fewer process steps and a more concentrated footprint, aligns with global efforts to minimize environmental impact. Moreover, Pragmatic’s optimized manufacturing process supports rapid production cycles of less than 48 hours, delivering cost-effective solutions to meet growing market demands.

Furthermore, Pragmatic Semiconductor’s commitment to sustainability extends to resource usage, with the manufacturing process consuming significantly less energy, water, and emitting fewer harmful gases compared to traditional silicon manufacturing methods. The company’s modular ‘Fab-in-a-Box’ approach facilitates the co-location of end-to-end FlexIC manufacturing at customer sites, streamlining supply chains and enhancing security and resilience.

The establishment of this manufacturing facility underscores Pragmatic Semiconductor’s dedication to meeting the escalating demand for its innovative technology worldwide. Over the next five years, the company anticipates creating over 500 highly skilled jobs in the North-East of England and Cambridge, further bolstering the region’s economic prosperity.

CEO David Moore expressed pride in the team’s achievements and emphasized the transformative potential of Pragmatic’s technology in driving digital transformation across industries. He underscored the company’s commitment to sustainability and its role in advancing global net-zero goals through innovation and collaboration.

The inauguration of Pragmatic Park received accolades from industry leaders, including Francisco Melo, President of Solutions Group at Avery Dennison, and Simon Little, Banking & Investments Director at UKIB. Their remarks highlighted the significance of this achievement and its positive impact on technology innovation and economic growth.

Niranjan Sirdeshpande, Global Head of M&G’s Catalyst strategy, reiterated the importance of supporting enterprising tech disruptors like Pragmatic Semiconductor in scaling their operations and contributing to a more sustainable economy. As Pragmatic Semiconductor embarks on its journey of growth and innovation, supported by strategic partnerships and investments, it is poised to make a lasting impact on the semiconductor landscape and beyond.


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