Hybrid Air Vehicles to Establish Airlander 10 Production Programme in Doncaster

by Anna

In a significant development for the aviation industry, the City of Doncaster Council has partnered with Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd to designate Carcroft Common as the site for the production programme of Airlander 10, hailed as the world’s most efficient large aircraft.

Carcroft Common, a 50-hectare area identified by the City of Doncaster Council for economic growth, will now host the production, testing, and certification operations for the Airlander 10. Under the terms of the agreement, Hybrid Air Vehicles will acquire the freehold for the site.


Following this agreement, Hybrid Air Vehicles will commence activities aimed at securing planning approval for the development. This process will involve collaboration with the local community and other stakeholders to ensure alignment with the area’s planning and preparation requirements.


Upon receiving planning approval, Hybrid Air Vehicles plans to construct state-of-the-art facilities capable of producing up to 24 Airlander 10 aircraft per year. These facilities will be equipped with cutting-edge aerospace production equipment, including assembly lines for the aircraft’s composite-based airframe, propulsion systems, and electrical and avionics systems.


The Airlander 10, touted as an ultra-low emissions aircraft, boasts the capacity to accommodate 100 passengers or carry ten tonnes of payload. With a reserved order book exceeding £1 billion, the first Airlander 10 aircraft is scheduled to enter service by 2028, with Air Nostrum Group among the launch airline customers.


In collaboration with the City of Doncaster Council, Hybrid Air Vehicles aims to establish Carcroft Common as a center for advanced manufacturing and sustainable aviation in South Yorkshire. This endeavor is projected to create over 1,200 new jobs and foster thriving supply chains. Notably, Hybrid Air Vehicles will collaborate with key regional partners such as the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and the Doncaster UTC.

This announcement marks a significant step forward for the City of Doncaster’s Economic Strategy 2030 and the South Yorkshire Investment Zone, which focuses on advancing manufacturing capabilities.

Carcroft Common’s inclusion in the Investment Zone, launched by the Chancellor of Exchequer in July 2023, underscores efforts to enhance investment through strategic planning, development, and skills support.

The partnership between the City of Doncaster Council and Hybrid Air Vehicles builds upon previous agreements, including a commitment made in March 2023 with the Mayor of South Yorkshire, Oliver Coppard, supported by a £7 million investment in the region. This commitment underscores collaborative efforts to enhance skills and develop the supply chain.

CEO of Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd, Tom Grundy, expressed enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing the transformative potential of Airlander 10 for sustainable air travel. Grundy lauded Carcroft Common as the ideal location for establishing the flagship production center, highlighting the creation of jobs and substantial export potential.

Steve Foxley, CEO of the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, praised Hybrid Air Vehicles’ decision to base its production operations in South Yorkshire. He highlighted the investment’s contribution to job creation, supply chain opportunities, and the region’s reputation as a hub for advanced manufacturing.

The collaboration between Hybrid Air Vehicles and the City of Doncaster Council signifies a significant milestone in advancing sustainable aviation and fostering economic growth in the region. As efforts to realize the Airlander 10 production programme progress, stakeholders anticipate further positive outcomes for the local community and the broader aviation industry.

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