Android 14 Unveils Innovative Feature for Enhanced App Management

by Anna

In a strategic move aimed at elevating efficiency and user experience on Android devices, Android 14 introduces a groundbreaking feature focused on optimizing the performance of pre-installed applications. The revelation comes from Mishaal Rahman, an Android code investigator known for uncovering insights within the Android ecosystem.


Scanning and Stopping: A Novel Approach to App Management

The latest feature initiates a scanning process during the system’s first boot, specifically targeting system partitions. The scan seeks out new applications with an ‘exported launcher activity,’ essentially identifying apps launchable from the home screen. Once detected, these apps are placed in a ‘STOPPED’ state, only becoming active when the user intentionally launches them.


A Boost for Memory and Battery Efficiency

The key advantage of this feature lies in the potential reduction of memory usage and battery consumption by pre-installed applications. By keeping these apps in a dormant state until the user engages with them, fewer system resources are utilized in the background.

Android 14: Beyond an Update

Android 14 brings more than just this innovative app management feature. Samsung has commenced the rollout of the Android 14-based One UI 6.0 update for the Galaxy A52 4G smartphone. This comprehensive update includes the December 2023 security patch, a redesigned interface, smoother animations, enhanced privacy controls, and expanded customization options. The update is currently available in select countries, starting with Russia, and is expected to reach additional markets in the coming weeks.

In tandem with the Android 14 update, Samsung Health has collaborated with Google to introduce the Health Connect platform. This platform facilitates the sharing of health and fitness data across Android devices, compatible with devices using Android SDK 28 (Pie) or higher. The platform empowers developers with access to various health data types from Samsung Health, fostering the potential for personalized health and fitness experiences.


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