Li Auto Teams Up with STMicroelectronics for Silicon-Carbide Advancements in EV Performance

by Anna

In a noteworthy development within the electric vehicle (EV) sector, Li Auto, an emerging EV manufacturer, has forged a strategic alliance with STMicroelectronics, a prominent semiconductor manufacturer. The primary focus of this collaboration is to harness STMicroelectronics’ proficiency in silicon-carbide technology, aiming to enhance the overall performance and efficiency of Li Auto’s electric vehicles.

Pioneering Silicon-Carbide Breakthrough

Recognized for its resilience to high voltages and temperatures, silicon-carbide emerges as an ideal material for integration into electric vehicles. The incorporation of silicon-carbide in EVs holds the potential for more efficient power utilization, extended battery life, and an overall improvement in vehicle performance. This innovative technological application underscores Li Auto’s dedication to pioneering solutions, emphasizing its strategic commitment to remaining competitive in the dynamic electric vehicle industry.


Establishing a Long-Term Partnership for High-Voltage EVs

On December 22, STMicroelectronics formalized a long-term silicon carbide supply agreement with Li Auto. Within the framework of this agreement, STMicroelectronics is slated to provide SiC MOSFET devices to bolster Li Auto’s approach centered around high-voltage battery electric vehicles (BEVs). The widespread application of STMicroelectronics’ silicon-carbide technology, particularly in automotive power management systems, solidifies its reputation in various market segments.


A New Chapter for Electric Vehicles

This strategic collaboration between Li Auto and STMicroelectronics is poised to strengthen Li Auto’s product offerings in the high-voltage EV sector. Furthermore, it has the potential to drive the development of advanced electric vehicles that cater to the increasing demand for sustainable and high-performance transportation options. The partnership represents a significant leap forward in the EV industry, signaling a promising start to the new year as we transition towards a more sustainable future.


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