Advanced Grinding Solutions and Its Principals Unveil Cutting-Edge Innovations at EMO 2023

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Hannover, September 19, 2023 – Seven key principals of Advanced Grinding Solutions are gearing up to showcase their latest cutting-edge innovations at the highly anticipated EMO exhibition. These industry leaders, including Rollomatic, Tschudin, Gerber, Meccanica Nova, Comat, FLP Microfinishing, and GPA Innova, are set to present a wide array of advanced technologies and solutions in the fields of grinding and precision machining.


Rollomatic, at the forefront of innovation, will be unveiling their SMART FACTORY concept at the exhibition. This innovative approach addresses the evolving challenges faced by cutting tool manufacturers by harnessing the power of information technology, machine communication systems, and robotics to optimize production resources.


The LASERSMART®810XL, a cutting-edge laser machining solution designed for large-diameter tools, will take center stage at Rollomatic’s display. This machine, featuring 6 simultaneously interpolated axes, is capable of machining tools up to 300mm in diameter, 350mm in length, and weighing up to 15kg. It comes equipped with an automatic loader with a 30-part capacity, making it ideal for machining ultra-hard tools used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and woodworking.


Tschudin’s Innovative Grinding Portfolio

Tschudin, a name synonymous with innovation, will showcase an innovative product portfolio at EMO. This includes the award-winning CUBE 350 with a robot loader and the ecoLine 400. These machines cater to a wide range of workpiece sizes, from small parts up to 150mm in diameter. The CUBE 350, designed for machining small workpieces up to 20mm in diameter, features Tschudin’s patented W-axis, enabling efficient, fast, and safe loading outside the grinding area.


Gerber’s Debut of the BP Motion Deburring Machine

Gerber will introduce its latest deburring machine, the BP Motion, at the exhibition. This cutting-edge machine offers unparalleled flexibility, dynamic performance, and digital capabilities. With a speed range of up to 1000 rpm, the BP Motion delivers rapid deburring results and boasts precise automatic brush measurement and compensation for brush wear, ensuring maximum process reliability.


Gerber’s machines find applications in edge preparation, deburring, and polishing of cutting tool inserts, making them an industry favorite with clients such as Plansee-Tizit, Sandvik, P.Horn, Sumitomo, Iscar, and Kennametal.

Meccanica Nova’s Range of CNC Grinding Machines

Meccanica Nova, known for its flexible CNC grinding machines, will present its impressive range at EMO. These machines offer excellent accessibility for quick changeovers, serviceability, and maximum uptime while delivering the rigidity needed for demanding grinding applications. Meccanica Nova’s internal grinders cater to small and giant parts, including bearings, valve lifters, and landing gear struts.

Comat’s Super-Filtration Technology

Comat will showcase its super-filtration systems, renowned for delivering exceptional filtration quality (≤ 2-3μm) throughout the entire working cycle, minimizing lifetime running costs, and ensuring consistent coolant quality. Comat’s systems use Intelligent Performance Technology for real-time monitoring and optimization, making them ideal for tool grinding and other machining applications.

FLP Microfinishing’s Broad Range of Finishing Machines

FLP Microfinishing offers a comprehensive range of industrial fine grinding, lapping, and polishing machines for flat surface finishing. Their products, including single and double-sided CNC lapping machines, provide efficient stock removal and impeccable surface finishes. These machines find applications across various industries, including medical technology, bearings, automotive engineering, and aerospace.

GPA Innova’s DLyte Polishing Machines

GPA Innova presents the revolutionary DLyte polishing machines, utilizing the world’s first dry electro-polishing process. These machines offer a one-step automated process for polishing metals, without the need for liquid electrolytes. DLyte machines are ideal for achieving fine surface finishes on components used in dental, medical, aerospace, and automotive industries.

EMO 2023 promises to be an exciting platform for industry professionals to explore these cutting-edge innovations, witness groundbreaking technologies, and engage with experts from the field. These industry leaders invite all attendees to visit their respective stands, where they can experience firsthand the latest advancements shaping the future of precision machining and grinding.

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