RK International Machine Tools to Unveil Cutting-Edge Grinding Solutions at EMO 2023

by Anna

Hannover, September 19, 2023 – RK International Machine Tools, a leading supplier of grinding and thread-rolling machine tools in the UK marketplace, is set to make a significant impact at EMO 2023, one of the world’s premier trade shows for machine tools. The company will showcase a remarkable lineup of 15 state-of-the-art machines at the event, collaborating with its established machine tool partner network.


Simon Rood, Director & General Manager of RK International Machine Tools, emphasized the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological advancements and providing innovative solutions for precision engineering. EMO 2023 serves as the ideal platform for RK International Machine Tools to captivate attendees with cutting-edge equipment designed to enhance manufacturing processes and machining productivity.


The 15 machines will be based in Hall 11 and will cater to various industry and business sector requirements, ranging from large-scale industrial operations to small-scale precision engineering. Some of the highlights of RK International Machine Tools’ lineup include:

1. ROBBI Omicron CNC3206 Universal Grinding Machine (Stand B64)

Featuring the new SIEMENS Sinumerik ONE control, this machine delivers up to ten times faster PLC cycle times than its predecessor. ROBBI, a renowned European grinding and honing machine manufacturer, produces cylindrical grinding machines with impressive specifications, making it a game-changer in precision grinding.

2. DELTA S.r.l. Surface Grinders (Stand B66)

DELTA S.r.l. will showcase the compact MINI 7 Surface Grinder and ROTAX 7 Surface Grinder with a rotary table, both featuring hydrostatic axes travel and hydrodynamic spindle. The DELTA LC400, known for its vertical spindle and rotary table, will also be on display.

3. MELCHIORRE ELC900 Double Sided Fine Grinding Machine (Stand C63)

MELCHIORRE will exhibit the highly precise ELC900 Double Sided Fine Grinding Machine, known for its capability to achieve sub-1 micron flatness and parallelism. This machine is ideal for applications where exceptional precision is required.

4. JAINNHER JHP-2003CNC Plunge Type Grinding Machine (Stand C56)

JAINNHER will present the compact JHP-2003CNC Plunge Type Grinding Machine, featuring a FANUC Oi-TF CNC control. With a swing over the bed of 200mm and a 300mm grinding length capacity, this fully enclosed cylindrical grinder is designed for precision.

5. PERFECT PFG-3060DT and PFG-R400DT Surface Grinders (Stand B49)

PERFECT will showcase the latest DT Touchscreen control on rotary table and reciprocating table surface grinders. These machines offer touchscreen control, automatic down feed, and complete machine enclosures, enhancing safety and productivity.

6. MEGA TR-18T Thread Rolling Machine (Stand E53)

The MEGA TR-18T Thread Rolling machine, known for achieving up to 20% stronger thread forms and increased tensile and shear strength, will be on display. With a 60mm maximum component diameter, it caters to various thread rolling applications.

Simon Rood emphasized RK International Machine Tools’ commitment to its partner network and mentioned their collaboration with several new partners to enhance their portfolio. These partners will also be part of the EMO 2023 showcase.

RK International Machine Tools, with over 70 years of experience, continues to drive innovation in grinding technology, delivering superior quality and performance to manufacturers in the UK and Ireland. The company invites all interested parties to visit their partner’s exhibits at EMO 2023 from September 18 to 23, where detailed information about the showcased machines and their potential to revolutionize manufacturing processes will be available.


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