ANCA Unveils Cutting-Edge CNC Grinding Technology Innovations at EMO 2023

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Hannover, September 19, 2023 – ANCA, a trailblazer in CNC grinding technology, is set to showcase its latest product innovations and industry-specific grinding and automation solutions at EMO 2023. Visitors to Stand F52 in Hall 6 will have the opportunity to witness the unveiling of several world premieres, including the highly anticipated announcement of the Tool of the Year competition winner. The event promises to highlight ANCA’s commitment to premium value, increased productivity, and expanded capabilities across a wide range of cutting tools.

Edmund Boland, General Manager of ANCA CNC Machines, expressed his enthusiasm about the event: “We are excited to bring not one but several world premieres to EMO, promising premium value, higher productivity, and extended capabilities. Visitors can see firsthand ANCA’s latest technology that spans tool precision, integrated manufacturing systems, industry-specific applications, and optimization across the entire process chain.”


Martin Winterstein, General Manager of ANCA Europe, emphasized the significance of EMO as a global platform for manufacturing technology innovation: “EMO is the global leading manufacturing technology show, where the latest market trends and innovations are on display. Our setup in Hannover offers hands-on opportunities for tool manufacturers, with new application and automation solutions tailored to industry needs.”


Introducing ULTRA Technology

ANCA’s commitment to delivering the highest-quality products has led to the development of ULTRA technology. Thanks to ANCA’s unique vertical integration, which encompasses the design and manufacture of machines, controls, drives, and precision components in-house, ULTRA technology has become a reality. Introduced to the industry last year on the MX machine platform, it boasts unparalleled accuracy and quality in cutting tools. The MX7 ULTRA, for instance, achieves one nanometer axis resolution and maintains exceptional line form accuracy of better than +/- 0.002mm for profiles, including ballnose and corner radius endmills.


At EMO, ANCA will demonstrate how ULTRA technology is expanding its reach to smaller batches, regrinding, and tools with small diameters with the launch of the FX7 ULTRA. This groundbreaking innovation employs nanometer control to revolutionize precision grinding for small and micro tools down to 0.1mm diameter. The FX7 ULTRA introduces new software, hardware, and design features that significantly enhance surface finish, accuracy, and controlled runout, making it the preferred solution for precision grinding in industries such as electronics, telecommunications, medical devices, aerospace, automotive, diemold, and general machining.


Complete Machining with MX7 ULTRA

ANCA’s MX7 ULTRA, showcased at EMO, offers a single-setup solution for complete machining of cutting tools. This versatile machine combines peel grinding and tool grinding on one platform, boasting a remarkable spindle power of 26kW. It can handle demanding tools like larger taper ballnose endmills, step drills, and aerospace components ranging from 0.1 to 25.4mm. The result is reduced cycle times and increased productivity, with short setup times and optional collet changes to enhance capability.

By utilizing the latest innovations in peel grinding technology, ANCA ensures exceptional stability, accuracy, and value, all achieved on a single machine. Manufacturers can confidently produce high-quality tools, knowing that the MX7 ULTRA consistently delivers outstanding results.

Smart Automation for Unattended Production

ANCA’s AIMS system for automated tool production takes center stage at EMO. This modular and evolving system covers various aspects of tool production, with examples of systems operating unattended over extended periods to manufacture tools. AIMS is designed for progressive automation, including an automated laser marking station called AutoMarkX.

AutoMarkX is a versatile laser marking station tailored to meet the needs of tool manufacturers. It ensures reliable and high-quality marking, facilitating traceability, identification, and branding of tools while freeing up time for skilled staff. Its new retrofittable rotary workholding system enables unlimited index marking around the tool, with automatic Z-axis focus and compatibility with tool shanks ranging from 3 to 32mm. The AIMS Autoline Basic interface streamlines material transfer between machines, reducing labor-intensive processes.

Blank Grinding and Gear Tool Solutions

ANCA’s expertise in grinding extends to blank grinding and integrated complete machining of gear tools. At EMO, the CPX blank preparation machine will feature productivity-enhancing features, including automated loading of tools up to 32mm, a flip station for grinding from both ends, tailstock, and extensive probing for statistical process control. The machine promises high material removal rates and significant time and cost savings through unattended production.

To meet the rising demand for gear cutting tools, ANCA has introduced the GCX, a turnkey solution for manufacturing and resharpening gear cutting tools. With Integrated Gear Tool Measurement (IGTM) and ANCA’s expertise in grinding wheel dressing, the GCX provides full control over the high-precision skiving cutter grinding process, ensuring the first skiving cutter is within tolerance.

Tool of the Year 2023 Competition

A highlight of ANCA’s presence at EMO 2023 will be the announcement of the Tool of the Year 2023 competition winner. This prestigious competition brings together tool manufacturers from around the world, competing for the title of the best real and virtual tools. The judging process, overseen by a panel of ANCA and external experts, evaluates precision, surface roughness, creativity, and practical use. The award ceremony promises to recognize the industry’s most innovative and exceptional tools.

EMO 2023 offers an exclusive opportunity for industry professionals to explore ANCA’s latest advancements in grinding technology, witness revolutionary world premieres, and engage with experts from the field. ANCA invites all attendees to visit their stand in Hall 6, F52, where they can experience firsthand the cutting-edge solutions and industry-specific grinding innovations shaping the future of manufacturing.

Strategic Partnerships with Industry Leaders

ANCA’s commitment to excellence is further underscored through strategic partnerships with industry leaders. At EMO 2023, ANCA will collaborate with Mitsubishi, showcasing their EDM machine at the stand, and GDS clamping technology, presenting a cohesive ecosystem of solutions that streamline processes across the entire production chain.

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