SMT Special Machine Tools to Unveil Innovative CF 400/250 Centreless Grinding Machine at EMO 2023

by Anna

As anticipation builds for EMO 2023, SMT Special Machine Tools is poised to launch its groundbreaking centreless grinding machine, the CF 400/250. This cutting-edge offering builds upon the success of its predecessor, the CF 500/400, and promises to redefine precision grinding for small parts, catering to diameters ranging from 2mm to 50mm. The machine stands poised to tackle an array of materials, including steel, carbide, ceramics, and more.


Enhancing Precision: The CF 400/250 centreless grinder is designed to perform two primary types of grinding operations—either infeed grinding or through-feed grinding—depending on the shape of the piece. The machine is equipped with hydrodynamic spindles supported by a third lateral support, ensuring unparalleled precision and stability. Additionally, the design facilitates effortless and rapid changes of both grinding and control wheels from the machine’s side.


Powerful Grinding Performance: The grinding wheel boasts a diameter of 400x250mm, driven by a robust 19 kW grinding wheel motor featuring an inverter for consistent and programmable peripheral speed.

Rigidity and Versatility: The machine’s innovative design incorporates the workblade support directly onto the machine bed, enhancing rigidity and precision. This setup allows for swift replacement of the work rest blade and facilitates the use of uncomplicated unloading systems.

Intelligent CNC and Software: The CF 400/250 embraces cutting-edge technology with CNC options, including Fanuc and Siemens. The interactive ‘SMT’ software, replete with color graphics menus, empowers operators to craft grinding cycles effortlessly. This intuitive software guides users step by step through the work program, ensuring optimal performance.

Customizable Configuration: The new CF 400/250 grinder offers customization flexibility, catering to diverse production needs with CNC configurations ranging from 1 to 8 axes. This adaptability ensures the delivery of optimal technical and economic solutions.

Advantages in Efficiency and Precision: SMT Special Machine Tools’ CF 400/250 centreless grinding machine, with its innovative ‘workblade support fixed on the machine bed,’ addresses the evolving demands of the market. The offering boasts a multitude of advantages, including enhanced energy efficiency, high-quality production, unwavering reliability, and exceptional precision. The personalized software with intuitive menus, coupled with its readiness for Industry 4.0 integration, underscores the machine’s forward-looking design. With minimal energy consumption and an exceptional price-to-performance ratio, the CF 400/250 stands as a compelling choice for those seeking flexible and efficient production.

Conclusion: As the curtain rises on EMO 2023, the spotlight on the CF 400/250 centreless grinding machine signifies an exciting chapter in precision engineering, offering industries a groundbreaking tool that marries innovation, versatility, and efficiency.


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