Walter Ewag UK Unveils Cutting-Edge Technologies at EMO to Revolutionize Tool Grinding and Erosion

by Anna

EMO, the leading trade fair for the metalworking industry, is set to witness the unveiling of groundbreaking advancements by Walter Ewag UK, aimed at revolutionizing tool and insert grinding and erosion. The spotlight will be on an array of WALTER machines, including the innovative Laser Contour Check and the transformative C.O.R.E. (Customer Oriented REvolution) architecture.


C.O.R.E. Architecture: Imbibing the digital era, the C.O.R.E. architecture showcases intuitive operation, facilitating machine setup, operation, networking, and maintenance. Rooted in “work simplification in production,” the architecture heralds a new era of machine tools that seamlessly embrace the digital age, as explained by Philip Morris, Sales Director and General Manager of Walter Ewag UK.


Laser Contour Check: An impressive addition to the tool arsenal, Laser Contour Check is now available as an option for all Walter Helitronic tool grinding and erosion machines. This advanced technology ensures real-time and high-precision measurement of tool parameters using blue laser technology. The system adeptly measures various aspects of cylindrical tools, ranging from 1 to 52mm diameter, and adjusts any deviations during the machining process.

Unlike traditional tactile or digital methods, Laser Contour Check employs an analogue laser beam to measure the entire contour of a tool, sidestepping potential damage to cutting edges and the errors stemming from probe tip wear. Seamlessly integrated into the machine’s working area, the measuring system only moves into action when needed.

Highlighting at EMO: Walter will spotlight these innovations at EMO through live demonstrations on the Helitronic Mini Plus and Helitronic Micro tool grinders. The former excels in producing tools of 1 to 16 mm diameter and up to 255 mm long, as well as regrinding tools of 3 mm to 100 mm diameter. The latter, Helitronic Micro, is designed for processing tools ranging from 0.1 mm to 12.7 mm diameter and 220 mm length.

The Helitronic Mini Plus is offered in two variants—a cost-effective ‘basic’ machine and a fully automated model. The basic version can be enhanced with various efficiency options and loading systems, effectively transforming it into a ‘high-end’ tool grinder catering to current and future applications.

Also on display at EMO is the Walter Helitronic G 200 tool grinder, capable of processing tools ranging from 1 mm to 125 mm diameter and up to 235 mm long.

The event will also showcase the versatile Helitronic Vision Diamond 400 L, a dual-purpose grinding and erosion machine catering to tools from 3 mm to 315 mm diameter and up to 420 mm long. Additionally, it will feature a Robot Loader 25, introducing enhanced levels of automation for unattended production.

Walter’s prowess extends to tool measurement with the Helicheck Nano—a world-first automated measuring machine for micro and nano tools as small as 0.1 mm diameter. The Helicheck Plus with 3D sensor will also be showcased.

The comprehensive range presented by Walter Ewag UK underscores their commitment to innovation, precision, and customer-centric solutions, ensuring that EMO 2023 witnesses the dawn of a new era in tool grinding and erosion technology.


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