Broanmain Plastics Enhances Precision with Cutting-Edge Wire Erosion Machine

by Anna

Technical engineering and component manufacturer Broanmain Plastics recently elevated their precision capabilities with a strategic investment in a state-of-the-art wire erosion machine. This valuable addition fortifies the company’s toolroom, enabling them to achieve unparalleled corner and interlocking profiles, even in hardened materials.


The Sodick A325: This innovative machine, known as the Sodick A325, is designed to deliver the utmost precision and a flawless finish in intricate metal geometries. The engineering team at Broanmain consistently employs the A325 to cater to customers’ demands for precision parts, including tooling prototype projects and customizations.


Noteworthy Projects: Among the recent successes of the machine is the creation of a mechanical flexure device, meticulously designed to hold a set of sleeve pins with an exceptional degree of concentricity. This undertaking illustrates the machine’s capacity to craft intricate components with precision, particularly in hardened materials.

Seamless Integration: Seamlessly integrated with Broanmain’s CAD Solidworks and Bobcad systems, the wire erosion machine empowers Kamil Stec, the engineering manager, to program the machine for uninterrupted operation throughout the night. This efficiency-maximizing approach accelerates turnaround times for clients.

Kamil Stec elaborates, “The machine’s precision is remarkable, accurately shaping complex forms in even the smallest workpieces, regardless of their hardness. Because the wire doesn’t make direct contact with the conductive material, we can machine components with thinner walls without being hindered by vibrations.”

Driving Success: The wire erosion machine has already proven its worth by securing several precision projects. It has been instrumental in refurbishing a substantial volume of tools for retail scale specialist Avery Berkel. Additionally, it played a pivotal role in modifying tools for Fireco’s groundbreaking magnetic door device, further augmenting Broanmain’s in-house engineering capabilities.

Holistic Engineering Arsenal: With over 15 tooling machines on-site, including CNC mills, a ZNC spark eroder, lathes, and a profile projector, Broanmain Plastics boasts a comprehensive array of automated and manual equipment. This array positions them to adeptly respond to both spontaneous and routine tooling and mechanical repair projects.

Kamil Stec underscores the benefits of combining milling and erosion capabilities, stating, “CNC milling provides speed, particularly when utilizing cutting-edge tools for hard milling. However, EDM [Electrical Discharge Machining] excels in creating fine features and achieving unparalleled precision. By feeding a 0.25mm brass wire through the workpiece, EDM meticulously removes particles.”

He adds, “While the EDM process may take longer, its prowess lies in crafting delicate cuts, intricate grooves, precise bores, and complex shapes with meticulous tolerances. It’s especially adept at achieving razor-sharp corners. Our ability to promptly create tool design features, such as lifters, side actions, and inserts, is now significantly enhanced, benefitting our clients both in terms of time and cost.”

Broanmain Plastics’ investment in the cutting-edge wire erosion machine not only showcases their commitment to precision but also solidifies their position as a leading player in technical engineering and component manufacturing.


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