norelem’s Smart Components Lead the Way in Industry 4.0

by Anna

In the ever-evolving landscape of Industry 4.0, the shift towards smart factories is transforming manufacturing processes. The integration of intelligent machines and sensors is driving production facilities towards error-free machining through the use of smart products.

Smart products are engineered to autonomously collect and transmit production and operating data, enabling seamless device communication and self-regulation of the production process. This integration streamlines and enhances complex production operations, and norelem offers a comprehensive range of components to support the development of these innovative products.


These smart products are crucial for achieving error-free machining, ensuring precision, and enhancing reliability throughout the production process. norelem’s offerings include a variety of smart components designed for diverse applications.


One such product is the intelligent support bolt (02015), featuring a 30mm support surface for precise positioning of workpieces with corresponding holes. The force sensor (05899) for quick-release clamps allows for precise clamping process control, ensuring optimal workpiece clamping with improved repeat accuracy. Additionally, the clamping strap with a force sensor (04060) monitors real-time clamping force, ensuring optimal performance.


Several of norelem’s smart components are compatible with its Bluetooth Module. This module offers wireless, compact transmission capabilities for streamlined data transfer and visualization, making it universally applicable to smart products. It allows for easy installation and provides an intuitive and quick visual display of sensor status.


Furthermore, norelem’s Gateway acts as an interface between smart products and machine control, enabling real-time recording of actuation states and precise process control. The norelem app can be used in conjunction with the Gateway for convenient monitoring of multiple tools across various machining centers and production facilities, enhancing both visibility and control.

“Smart manufacturing can optimize efficiency, productivity, and safety in manufacturing processes,” said Marcus Schneck, CEO of norelem. “We are dedicated to going beyond the role of a manufacturer by developing components that are pivotal in the advancement of smart products. It is fantastic to be part of the evolution towards smart factories, and we are excited to see how these progress in the future, empowering our customers to optimize their operations.”

norelem’s smart product range is a cornerstone in the journey towards enhanced manufacturing efficiency. By seamlessly integrating into existing workflows and enabling real-time data-driven decision-making, these products help manufacturers achieve error-free machining, optimize processes, and maintain a competitive edge in the Industry 4.0 era.

For a closer look at norelem’s products or to speak with its dedicated product team, visit stand A61 at Subcon 2024 from June 5-6 at the NEC in Birmingham.

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