Bowers Group Unveils Advanced Trimos V1 and V1+ Height Gauges

by Anna

Bowers Group has introduced the Trimos V1 and V1+ height gauges, engineered for superior consistency and accuracy. These new instruments are designed to deliver reliable and precise measurements, offering user-friendly features that facilitate immediate application.

“We are excited to introduce the Trimos V1 and V1+ height gauges to the UK market,” said Ryan Kingswell, UK Sales Manager at Bowers Group. “These instruments demonstrate our dedication to providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. With their user-friendly design and impressive precision, this range of height gauges offers an ideal solution for those new to precision measurement or looking to transition from more traditional tools.”


The Trimos V1, poised to replace the current mini vertical height gauge, serves as an ideal entry-level instrument. Its intuitive design simplifies unidirectional measurements and tracing, enabling users to transition seamlessly from manual scribers to advanced height gauges.


Building upon the foundation of the V1, the V1+ height gauge caters to users seeking more advanced measurement options. Featuring bi-directional measurement functionality, fine adjustment, and constant measuring force, the V1+ offers enhanced versatility without the need for additional accessories.


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