Jainnher’s JHPA-2003CNC Grinding Machine Earns Prestigious Energy Saving Label

by Anna

Jainnher, a leading manufacturer of high precision grinding machine tools, continues its legacy of technological advancement and commitment to sustainability. For nearly a decade, the company has adorned its manufacturing facility’s 11,000+ square meter roof with solar panels boasting a capacity of 999 kWp, demonstrating its dedication to eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

The latest accolade for Jainnher comes in the form of the prestigious “Silver Energy Saving Label” award conferred upon its cutting-edge JHPA-2003CNC plunge angular cylindrical grinding machine. This recognition is part of the “Energy Saving Label in Machine Tool Industry” initiative, a collaborative effort between the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association (TMBA) and the TMTS 2024 exhibition.


Marking a significant milestone in Jainnher’s sustainability journey, the award underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to energy conservation. Simon Rood, General Manager at RK International Machine Tools, a key distributor of Jainnher products in the UK and Irish markets, emphasized the significance of Jainnher’s environmental stewardship in the industry.


The Jainnher JHPA-2003CNC stands out for its innovative energy-saving features, which not only enhance operational efficiency but also minimize environmental impact:


Compact Grinding Footprint: Powered by a FANUC CNC control system, the fully enclosed machine boasts a 200mm diameter x 300mm component grinding capacity and an 80kg work head load, maximizing productivity within a compact footprint.


Plunge & Angular Approach: Featuring a plunge-type feed approach with a 60-degree angular wheel, the machine enables simultaneous grinding of OD and shoulders, optimizing material removal rates and streamlining the process.

Grease-Lubricated Bearings: The incorporation of grease-lubricated bearings in the grinding wheel spindle reduces carbon emissions associated with external lubrication and cooling systems.

Intelligent Standby Mode: During idle periods, the machine seamlessly switches to an energy-saving standby mode, significantly reducing motor power consumption.

High-Efficiency Motors: Jainnher machines utilize high-efficiency, energy-saving IE3 and IE4 motors, ensuring optimal performance while minimizing energy usage.

Servo System for Axial Movement: Sophisticated servo motors minimize energy wastage during axial movement, enhancing overall efficiency.

Streamlined Gap Control System: The gap control system minimizes energy consumption by reducing idle strokes during the grinding process, contributing to productivity and sustainability.

Precision In-Process Measurements: Automatic in-process gauging devices ensure precise workpiece dimensions, preventing material defects and reducing energy waste.

Smart Energy Management System: Equipped with an advanced energy management system, the machine allows real-time monitoring of energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The “Energy Saving Label in Machine Tool Industry” initiative reflects a broader commitment within the machine tool industry to embrace sustainable practices. By promoting green transformation and encouraging the adoption of energy-saving technologies, the initiative aims to establish a green supply chain for machine tools, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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