Discover the Future of Sheet Metal Fabrication with ETG and Durma

by Anna

The Engineering Technology Group (ETG) is thrilled to announce an exclusive sheet metal event in partnership with Durma, a world-leading fabrication principal. Scheduled for 4th June, this event promises an immersive experience showcasing cutting-edge technology that is revolutionizing the sheet metal industry.


Event Highlights:

The event, hosted by Andrew Smith-Hughes, the Product Manager for ETG’s Fabrication Division, will feature technical presentations focusing on the DURMA HD-F 3015 6kW flatbed fibre laser and the AD-Servo 30175 Press brake. These presentations will delve into the advanced features and capabilities of these industry-leading machines.


Live Demonstrations:

Following the presentations, attendees will witness live demonstrations of the DURMA machines in action. This hands-on experience will allow participants to explore the machines’ build quality and performance firsthand.

Why Durma?

Durma, with over 1000 machine installations across the UK, has made a significant impact on manufacturers of all sizes, from renowned OEMs to small subcontractors. This event presents a unique opportunity for engineers to understand why Durma is the benchmark brand in the sheet metal fabrication sector.

Event Schedule:

Coffee and Registration: Kickstart the event with a networking session.

Technical Presentations: Gain insights into the Durma brand and showcased machines.

Live Demonstrations: Witness the machines in operation and explore their capabilities.

Open Q&A Session: Engage with ETG’s experts to delve deeper into the technology and services offered.


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