Productive Machines Introduces SenseNC Finesse

by Anna

Productive Machines, a trailblazer in autonomous machine tool optimization technology, has announced the release of its core technology in a fully automated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering.


SenseNC Finesse, the latest innovation from Productive Machines, empowers manufacturers to effortlessly eradicate chatter vibrations in CNC milling machines throughout the entire toolpath, ushering in significant enhancements in quality, productivity, and sustainability.


This pioneering software by Productive Machines marks a groundbreaking advancement, being the world’s first to deliver automated optimization of all milling operations. It enables manufacturers to streamline the setup of each machine tool and execute production runs, effectively eradicating chatter vibrations at every cutter location along the toolpath.

Leveraging an artificial intelligence (AI) model, the software optimizes machine processes and has already been deployed in over 10 major manufacturing facilities, including Renault and MASA Aerospace.

With the introduction of SenseNC Finesse as an automated SaaS product, Productive Machines aims to extend its benefits to a wider array of manufacturers globally. By eliminating the need for trial and error iterations on machine tools, the software aims to reduce waste and expedite product delivery.

Machines equipped with Productive Machines’ technology have demonstrated remarkable results, including producing parts in half the original time, achieving significant improvements in surface quality, and reducing waste by up to 25%. Users have reported substantial decreases in tooling costs, up to 20%, on optimized machines.

SenseNC Finesse is now available to manufacturers utilizing Siemens NX CAM software through a software plug-in, enabling them to enhance the performance of existing machines within their chosen CAM environment.

Productive Machines plans to launch a plug-in for Mastercam users later this summer and will extend its software compatibility to users of CAM software from other vendors in the coming months.

Dr. Erdem Ozturk, CEO at Productive Machines, expressed, “Since the inception of our journey, manufacturers have expressed the need for an optimization solution that is user-friendly and does not require extensive experience. We have pooled over 100 years of cumulative machining dynamics and software engineering expertise into creating our autonomous, easy-to-use solution, which machine operators, application engineers, and CAM programmers of all levels can utilize to harness machine tools to their fullest potential.”

He added, “We have successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of our technology in some of the world’s most sophisticated manufacturing environments, and today’s launch marks a significant milestone in making it accessible to all machine shops aiming to reduce lead times and enhance quality, productivity, and sustainability.”

The efficiency of SenseNC Finesse will be showcased at MACH 2024 from April 15-19 at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham. Productive Machines will conduct live demonstrations at Hall 6, Stand 60.


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