Are Corded Electric Snowblowers Good?

by Anna

As winter descends upon us, the inevitable arrival of snow prompts homeowners to explore efficient solutions for snow removal. Among the plethora of options available, corded electric snowblowers have gained popularity for their reliability and ease of use. In this article, we will delve into the advantages of corded electric snowblowers, addressing the key features that make them a compelling choice for individuals seeking a powerful and eco-friendly solution to combat winter’s icy grip.


Power and Performance:

Corded electric snowblowers are equipped with robust electric motors that deliver impressive power and performance. Unlike their gas-powered counterparts, which require frequent maintenance and fueling, corded electric models offer consistent power without the need for extensive upkeep. The electric motor efficiently propels the auger, enabling the machine to clear snow with ease, even in heavy and wet conditions.


Environmentally Friendly:

One of the standout features of corded electric snowblowers is their eco-friendly nature. Operating solely on electricity eliminates the need for gasoline, reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a cleaner environment. As the world increasingly pivots towards sustainable practices, corded electric snowblowers align with the growing trend of eco-conscious consumer choices.

Low Maintenance:

Corded electric snowblowers require significantly less maintenance compared to gas-powered alternatives. Without the need for oil changes, spark plug replacements, or carburetor adjustments, these machines offer a hassle-free solution for homeowners. The absence of a gas engine also means no fuel stabilizers or winterization procedures, making corded electric snowblowers a convenient and user-friendly option.

Quiet Operation:

In contrast to the noisy and rumbling engines of gas-powered snowblowers, corded electric models operate quietly. This feature is particularly advantageous for urban and suburban environments where noise ordinances may be in place. The quiet operation allows users to clear snow without disturbing neighbors, providing a more peaceful and harmonious snow removal experience.

Lightweight and Maneuverable:

Corded electric snowblowers are generally more lightweight and compact than their gas-powered counterparts. This makes them easier to maneuver, especially in tight spaces or areas with limited storage. The reduced weight also contributes to less fatigue for the operator, making snow removal a more manageable task for individuals of varying physical abilities.

Easy Start-Up:

Gas-powered snowblowers often require vigorous pulling of a starter cord, which can be challenging in cold weather. Corded electric snowblowers eliminate this struggle with the simple push of a button. The instant start-up ensures a quick and efficient response, allowing users to tackle snow removal tasks without delay.

Cost-Effective Operation:

While the initial investment in a corded electric snowblower may be comparable to that of a gas-powered model, the long-term operational costs are significantly lower. Without the need for gasoline, oil, or frequent maintenance, users can enjoy cost savings over the life of the machine. Additionally, the efficiency of electric motors translates to lower electricity consumption, making corded electric snowblowers a financially savvy choice.

Adjustable Clearing Width and Depth:

Corded electric snowblowers often come with adjustable clearing widths and depths, allowing users to customize their snow removal preferences. This versatility is particularly useful for addressing various snow accumulation levels and adapting to different areas of the property. The ability to tailor the machine’s settings enhances its overall effectiveness in different snow conditions.


In the realm of snow removal, corded electric snowblowers stand out as a reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution. With their powerful performance, low maintenance requirements, and ease of use, these machines offer a compelling alternative to traditional gas-powered snowblowers. As winter approaches, homeowners seeking a convenient and eco-conscious way to combat snow-covered driveways and walkways may find corded electric snowblowers to be a valuable and worthwhile investment.


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