Engineering Solutions Live Set to Showcase Latest Innovations in Design

by Anna

With just over two months until the event, Engineering Solutions Live (ESL) at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon on March 21 is gearing up to be a must-attend for design and production engineers. This focused and specialist event promises insights into cutting-edge innovations in engineering, providing a unique opportunity for industry professionals to connect and expand their knowledge.

ESL distinguishes itself with a concise six-hour format, making it one of the briefest yet most impactful gatherings in the UK manufacturing and engineering calendar. Its sharp focus on the intricacies of the supply chain sets it apart from larger, multi-day exhibitions. While shorter in duration, ESL compensates with heightened relevance, fostering more meaningful interactions and idea exchanges among attendees.


The event will serve as a platform for discovering new products, processes, and methods that may not have been previously considered but could prove instrumental for upcoming design and production ventures. Research indicates that 53% of ESL visitors have made such discoveries during the event, establishing it as the UK’s sole specialist gathering for design engineers, production professionals, and manufacturing managers with fastening and assembly needs.


ESL, co-located with PCB Design & Manufacture Live, the UK’s exclusive event dedicated to PCB design, manufacture, and testing, offers attendees the chance to connect with top PCB experts and suppliers. This presents an invaluable opportunity to address PCB design and manufacturing challenges by engaging with leading industry suppliers, including PCB design consultancies and electronics manufacturers.


Accompanying the impressive lineup of exhibitors are seminar streams covering engineering design, assembly technologies, and electronics. These sessions provide attendees with the chance to gain new perspectives and insights into the industry. As an added bonus, ESL visitors will receive complimentary entry to the renowned British Motor Museum, showcasing over 400 classic cars.


As March approaches, Engineering Solutions Live stands as a crucial event for those seeking the latest advancements and networking opportunities in the realm of design and production engineering.

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