ABB Strengthens Autonomous Mobile Robot Capabilities with Acquisition of Sevensense

by Anna

Zurich-based multinational ABB has announced the acquisition of Swiss start-up Sevensense, a prominent provider of AI-enabled 3D vision navigation technology for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). The move underscores ABB’s commitment to enhancing workplace efficiency amidst skilled labor shortages.

Sami Atiya, President of ABB Robotics and Discrete Automation, emphasized the significance of this step, envisioning a future where AI-driven robots collaborate with humans, addressing the evolving needs of industries. The integration of Sevensense’s advanced technology into ABB’s AMR portfolio is poised to offer unprecedented speed, accuracy, and payload capabilities.


The acquisition follows ABB’s minority investment in Sevensense in 2021, a year that also saw ABB’s acquisition of ASTI Mobile Robotics. While the financial details of the transaction remain undisclosed, ABB aims to leverage Sevensense’s technology after successful pilot projects in the automotive and logistics sectors.


Sevensense’s pioneering navigation technology combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 3D vision, enabling AMRs to make intelligent decisions in dynamic environments. Equipped with Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (Visual SLAM) technology, these robots create and update maps, reducing commissioning time from weeks to days.


Marc Segura, President of ABB’s Robotics Division, highlighted the transformative impact of this technology on industries, emphasizing the shift from linear production lines to dynamic networks. ABB positions itself as a leader in next-generation AMRs, offering Visual SLAM alongside a comprehensive portfolio of robots and machine automation solutions.


Gregory Hitz, CEO of Sevensense, expressed excitement about joining ABB, stating that the acquisition provides an ideal platform for scaling their versatile 3D visual autonomy technology across various industries. The technology is expected to go beyond AMRs, influencing broader applications in production, intralogistics, material handling, cleaning, and other service robotics fields.

This strategic partnership not only underscores ABB’s commitment to innovation but also signifies the success of its ecosystem approach. ABB, known for nurturing the next generation of technological advancements through collaborations with start-ups and universities, continues to shape the future of robotics.

Approximately 35 employees of Sevensense will continue their operations at the Swiss office in Zurich, marking a significant moment in the shared journey of ABB and Sevensense.

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