KROHNE Introduces Advanced Electromagnetic Flowmeters for Precise Liquid Flow Measurement

by Anna

Beverly, MA – KROHNE, Inc., a leading provider of innovative measurement solutions, has unveiled its latest family of electromagnetic flowmeters, designed to deliver highly accurate flow measurements across a spectrum of applications involving conductive liquids.



KROHNE’s OPTIFLUX 2050, an electromagnetic flowmeter tailored for basic water and wastewater applications, stands out for its cost-effective bi-directional flow measurements. With an expansive diameter range (DN24…1200 /1…48″) and full approvals for drinking water, this model features extra isolation and housing, making it suitable for deployment in areas prone to extreme humidity and flood risks. Its full bore design, devoid of moving parts, ensures durability without suffering from wear or pressure loss. The option of a PP or hard rubber liner enhances its adaptability to diverse operational requirements.



The WATERFLUX 3070, a battery-powered electromagnetic water meter, is specifically engineered for water abstraction wells, district metering areas, and custody transfer measurement of portable water (M-001, OIML R49). Offering bi-directional flow measurement over a wide dynamic range, it comes equipped with optional pressure and temperature sensors. This model is versatile, finding applications in leak detection, quality control, and pressure management systems. Its rectangular sensor design and reduced cross-section ensure stable measurements even at low flow rates. With the added advantage of a patented reference electrode, the need for grounding rings is eliminated, facilitating installation virtually anywhere without requiring straight inlet or outlet runs.


Addressing the challenges of partially filled and gravity-fed pipes, the TIDALFLUX 2300 is an electromagnetic flowmeter featuring patented capacitive level measurement. Tailored for measuring municipal and industrial wastewater in pressureless transport lines, it offers a reliable solution for assessing effluent brine, slurries, and applications such as dredging, mining, or sea and well water injection. Its inline, closed measuring solution ensures unobstructed functionality.

In addition to providing precise flow measurements, KROHNE’s family of electromagnetic flowmeters demonstrates adaptability to liquids with adhesive, abrasive, and aggressive properties through custom designs and liner materials. These advancements mark a significant stride in achieving accurate and reliable liquid flow measurement across various industrial sectors.


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