MTA’s Pioneering Efforts in Decarbonizing Manufacturing Showcased on National TV Ahead of COP28

by Anna

In an insightful series titled “Sustainable Solutions Towards Net Zero,” set to air on the eve of the COP28 environmental summit, the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) takes center stage as it leads the charge in encouraging manufacturers to decarbonize their production processes. The series, produced by national broadcaster ITN, delves into the MTA’s groundbreaking work and sheds light on its vision for a more sustainable future in manufacturing.


James Selka DL, the CEO of the MTA, serves as the program’s guide, outlining the association’s ambitious goals and showcasing impactful initiatives undertaken by MTA members. The spotlight also falls on the MTA’s influential report, “Decarbonisation – Future Growth for Manufacturing,” which suggests that a commitment to green manufacturing in the UK could contribute between £8-£20 billion to the GDP and generate up to one million new jobs.


The interview with James Selka takes place at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), featuring a specially-adapted Caterham sports car equipped with cutting-edge zero-emissions technology. This serves as a testbed for future mass-produced vehicles, demonstrating the potential of sustainable technologies.

Selka emphasizes the need to enhance the competitiveness of UK manufacturing, fostering increased exports, reaffirming the UK as a sovereign manufacturer, and reducing carbon footprints. The program’s timing aligns not only with COP28 but also with the launch of the MTA’s Energy Efficiency Knowledge Hub, a focal point at MACH 2024.

The AMRC, a High Value Manufacturing Catapult center, shares its sustainable manufacturing efforts in the program, including the development of a calculator that converts power monitoring data to guide manufacturers in optimizing power consumption for enhanced sustainability.

The upcoming MACH 2024 Knowledge Hubs, dedicated to various technological aspects, will play a pivotal role in educating manufacturers on the adoption of new technologies. Each hub, managed by specialist centers from the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, underscores the importance of Automation and Robotics, Data and Artificial Intelligence, Energy Efficiency, Additive Manufacturing, and Tooling.

The program also features insights from Kitty Ussher, Chief Economist at the Institute of Directors, discussing governmental measures to advance sustainability in the business sector, and Adam Berman from Energy UK, addressing the road to achieving Net Zero.

A special news segment with The Trust for Sustainable Living, a global education charity, highlights how their work at the Living Rainforest Centre and in schools worldwide bridges the sustainability learning gap, empowering future generations to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals.*


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