Ceratizit Expands Hydraulic Chuck Range for Precision Machining

by Anna

In the realm of machining, hydraulic chucks have earned a reputation for their exceptional precision and efficiency. To cater to the diverse requirements of various industries, Ceratizit is introducing two high-performance adapters to its hydraulic chuck range: the HyPower Rough for demanding rough machining operations and the HyPower Access 4.5° for superior accessibility within the machining zone.

Ceratizit’s hydraulic chucks, featuring a VDI interface, offer a comprehensive solution for hydraulic clamping of cylindrical tool shanks, boring bars, cylindrical tool holders, and fixed base holders within a turning machine’s turret. These chucks also incorporate through coolant supply for optimal performance. As a standard, the hydraulic chucks are available with a 20mm diameter for VDI 30 and 40 interfaces. Additionally, a cylindrical shank version is offered for turning/milling centers with through coolant capabilities.


Christoph Retter, Product Manager Clamping Systems at Ceratizit, explains, “This provides high-precision clamping with a repeatability of 3µm and very low tolerance ranges.”


HyPower Rough: Ideal for Demanding Rough Machining


The HyPower Rough hydraulic chuck is designed specifically for clamping milling tools with a HA shank. It boasts an impressive temperature stability of 80°C, even during extended milling cycles exceeding 240 minutes. This makes the HyPower Rough an ideal choice for highly dynamic milling applications such as high-speed cutting (HSC), high-performance cutting (HPC), and structural part machining (SPM).


The HyPower Rough is equally effective in high-performance milling operations of high-quality components, accommodating speeds of up to 33,000rpm. It offers outstanding process security and a substantial chip removal rate. When deployed in roughing cycles, the HyPower Rough excels in vibration damping, ensuring a remarkably high surface quality.

HyPower Access 4.5°: Precision Finishing at Its Best

For applications requiring exceptional precision, the HyPower Access 4.5° hydraulic chuck is the ideal choice for precision finishing. Its dimensions are meticulously aligned with those of a shrink-fit chuck (DIN contour with 4.5°), offering flexibility and versatility. The HyPower Access 4.5° delivers the advantages of a hydraulic chuck for critical component structures. It is suitable for reaming, drilling, and finishing during milling operations, guaranteeing remarkable surface quality and tight tolerances. This award-winning industrial design enhances process security and tool life.

Why Choose HyPower?

Ceratizit’s HyPower tools are renowned for their durability, capable of withstanding years of use. Vibration damping reduces spindle load, extending tool life. Both the HyPower Access 4.5° and the HyPower Rough offer outstanding radial run-out accuracy and formidable clamping force, ensuring optimal results.

Moreover, HyPower hydraulic chucks are quick and easy to change, saving valuable time when tool alterations are required. Tool changes can be accomplished in minutes using a single Allen key. These highly reliable tools are engineered to meet your machining needs, thanks to their maximum clamping force, ensuring tools are securely held for impeccable machining results. Ceratizit’s commitment to precision and efficiency continues to drive innovation in the world of machining.

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