Zuken Introduces Three-Stage AI-Powered PCB Design Approach in CR-8000 Platform

by Anna

Yokohama, Japan, Westford, MA, USA, and Munich, Germany – September 19, 2023 – Zuken Inc., a leading provider of electronic design automation solutions, has unveiled an innovative three-stage approach to AI-powered PCB design within its flagship CR-8000 platform. This strategic approach underscores Zuken’s commitment to enhancing efficiency, precision, and technological advancement to meet the growing complexities of electronic design.

Autonomous Intelligent Place and Route (AIPR)

The Autonomous Intelligent Place and Route product line introduce a novel AI-based platform for place and route processes, progressing through three stages. This product encompasses Mimic Route and Smart Autorouter, complementing Zuken’s AI-driven products described below.


1. Basic Brain: Elevating Design

Zuken’s Basic Brain revolutionizes PCB design at its core by leveraging knowledge from Zuken’s design library and existing expertise. Seamlessly integrated into the robust CR-8000 platform, Basic Brain enhances user experience by utilizing the Smart Autorouter to implement learned approaches and strategies.


2. Dynamic Brain: Fusing AI with Your Design Experience

In the second stage, Zuken’s Dynamic Brain learns from PCB designers, incorporating past design examples into AI algorithms. By combining customer best practices with AI insights, this stage accelerates design iterations and significantly boosts overall productivity, all within the CR-8000 framework.


3. Autonomous Brain: Redefining AI Evolution

The third and final stage introduces the Autonomous Brain, a continuously learning AI powerhouse that pushes creative boundaries. Its ability to self-improve with each project marks a new era of AI-driven innovation, exclusively available within Zuken’s CR-8000 platform.


Kazuhiro Kariya, Sr. Managing Executive Officer and CTO of Zuken Inc., stated, “Our three-stage AI approach equips designers with an enhanced toolkit within the CR-8000 platform, expediting design cycles and unlocking new dimensions of creativity.”

Key Advantages of Zuken’s Three-Stage AI Approach within CR-8000:

Transfer of learning sources to apply best practices to new projects.

Enhanced collaboration between AI insights and human expertise.

Accelerated design iterations leading to reduced time-to-market.

Continuous self-improvement and evolution of AI capabilities.

Seamless integration into Zuken’s advanced CR-8000 platform.

The Autonomous Intelligent Place and Route and Basic Brain products will be available in Q1 2024, with the Dynamic Brain and Autonomous Brain products slated for future releases. Zuken’s three-stage AI approach promises to be a game-changer in PCB design, offering enhanced productivity, collaboration, and innovation in the electronic design field.

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