Rhodes Interform Wins Multi-Million-Pound Contract to Supply Mechanical Punch Press to Zentia

by Anna

UK-based metalforming machinery manufacturer Rhodes Interform has secured a substantial contract to manufacture and deliver a new mechanical punch press for Zentia, a leading producer of high-performance mineral ceiling tiles. The state-of-the-art Rhodes DS2-315 Geared Press will be a double-sided, 315-tonne mechanical press with a two-point suspension system, enabling a larger working bed area and even distribution of nominal tonnage, accommodating offset loading requirements.

Scheduled for installation in 2024, this press will replace the existing Rhodes DS2-200 Geared Press at Zentia’s Gateshead facility in Tyne and Wear, UK. Rhodes Interform, located in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, will manage the entire process, from design and manufacture to installation and the removal of the existing press.


Mark Ridgway OBE, CEO of Group Rhodes, commented on the privilege of supplying Zentia with this high-specification metalforming solution, emphasizing the importance of production speed and accuracy for Zentia’s ceiling tile manufacturing needs.


Neil Hunter, engineering, and improvement manager at Zentia, highlighted the remarkable service life of the existing Rhodes press, which has been in operation for 30 years, punching over 300 million square meters of ceiling tile. The new press with increased tonnage will support Zentia in manufacturing high-end products for the UK and Ireland markets.


Rhodes Interform, a division of Group Rhodes, offers various hot and cold forming technologies for specialist metal forming applications across multiple industrial sectors. In addition to new press manufacturing, the company provides reconditioning, upgrading, and refurbishment services for its machines, as well as comprehensive aftermarket support and service teams to maintain equipment worldwide.


Group Rhodes, with nearly two centuries of history, also produces composite machinery used for manufacturing structural components in the aerospace and automotive sectors.

This contract underscores Rhodes Interform’s position as a leader in the metalforming machinery industry and its commitment to delivering advanced solutions for its clients.

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