Mandersloot’s Sustainable Initiatives: Looking Beyond Fossil Fuels

by Anna

In an era marked by environmental consciousness and growing concerns over carbon emissions, logistics service provider Mandersloot is taking significant strides toward a more sustainable future. With a focus on reducing its environmental footprint, the company is making investments and exploring alternatives that go beyond traditional fossil fuels. In an interview with Henri Groothuis, the Operations Manager of Mandersloot, we gain insight into the company’s recent sustainability initiatives and their vision for a greener tomorrow.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Henri Groothuis, speaking on behalf of Mandersloot, emphasized the company’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact. “As a logistics service provider, we are aware that we have a considerable impact on the environment. That’s why we also think we should invest to reduce our footprint.”


To achieve this, Mandersloot has made several strategic investments. In addition to the latest generation of refrigerated trucks, the company has incorporated LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) vehicles into its fleet. These LNG cars are capable of traveling up to 900 kilometers on a full tank, making them suitable for long-distance heavy transport. Currently, Mandersloot operates 12 LNG vehicles internationally, signaling a clear shift towards cleaner energy sources.


Exploring Sustainable Alternatives

While the transition away from fossil fuels is a long-term goal, Mandersloot recognizes the importance of exploring multiple sustainable avenues. Henri Groothuis explains, “Moving completely away from fossil fuels is one thing, but that’s not so easy for the short term. In many cases, it is still far in the future and depends on technological developments and charging infrastructure. LNG is a great alternative for us now, but we can do so many other sustainable things.”


One such initiative involves the use of LZV (Longer and Heavier Freight Combination) trucks across Europe. In the Netherlands and briefly in the Czech Republic, Mandersloot has utilized these trucks, which offer more load space, contributing to sustainability and efficiency.


Venturing into Rail Transport

In pursuit of sustainable transport options, Mandersloot is also exploring rail transport as a potential solution. “The first flowers and plants have already been transported to Poland by train. This was a pilot, so the beginning is there. However, a lot still needs to be done before this can be a serious alternative,” notes Henri Groothuis. While challenges remain, including the speed of delivery, Mandersloot remains engaged and observant, recognizing the long-term sustainability benefits rail transport could offer.

Sustainable Operations Across Locations

Mandersloot operates across various locations in Europe, and the company is actively working to enhance its sustainability at each site. At its Scherpenzeel location in the Netherlands, the company has installed a substantial array of solar panels on the roof, and all lighting on and around the premises has been replaced with energy-efficient LED lighting.

Mandersloot aims to extend its sustainability efforts, including the installation of solar panels at other locations wherever feasible. However, challenges related to energy infrastructure transitions in Europe are currently complicating these plans.

Embracing a Paperless Future

Mandersloot’s sustainability ambitions extend to its administrative processes. The company is taking steps to become paperless, starting with the implementation of digital CMRs (Electronic Consignment Notes). Henri Groothuis states, “There is simply no reason not to do it. Again, the chain will have to change, and the regulations in Europe are equivalent.”

Future Challenges and Ambitions

Looking ahead, Mandersloot has ambitious goals. The company aspires to become ‘CO2 neutral,’ a significant undertaking. Henri Groothuis explains, “Using BigMile, we have made our carbon footprint transparent, which we want to reduce further. This is in the broadest sense of the word. So we are also looking at waste streams: separating and recycling them.”

However, one of the company’s greatest challenges is ensuring that alternative fuels and transport modes align with efficiency and commercial interests. The logistics sector’s dependency on factors such as customer demands, software solutions, and industry developments poses a complex puzzle.

Continuing the Sustainability Journey

In March 2023, Mandersloot joined the Lean & Green program, further underscoring its commitment to sustainability. As a participant, the company actively seeks opportunities for reducing its CO2 emissions. This includes investments in solar energy, research into e-truck possibilities, regular fleet renewal, and the establishment of a Mandersloot Academy, where staff will receive training and guidance to support the company’s sustainable journey.

Mandersloot’s dedication to sustainable operations serves as a testament to the logistics industry’s potential to make meaningful strides toward reducing its environmental impact. As the company looks beyond fossil fuels and explores innovative solutions, it is positioning itself as a forward-thinking leader in the realm of eco-conscious logistics.

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