UK Metal Industry Prioritizes Upskilling and Training in the Coming Year

by Anna

A recent survey conducted by SAIT Abrasives, a specialist manufacturer of industrial abrasives, has revealed that 47% of workers in the UK metal industry consider investing in upskilling a priority for their businesses over the next 12 months.

The study, aimed at understanding training trends in the metal industry, found that more than half of sector businesses (53%) plan to invest in ongoing training in the coming year, while nearly half (40%) will access direct training from suppliers.


Furthermore, 52% of respondents believe their organizations provide sufficient training for newcomers to acquire the necessary skills efficiently. Interestingly, 37% of companies reported employing apprentices.


Despite these positive findings, 43% of respondents expressed concerns about the industry’s overall commitment to training new entrants, and 51% felt their organizations could do more to address the skills gap.


Chris Ingman, Managing Director at SAIT Abrasives, emphasized the importance of apprenticeships and industry-wide collaboration in filling skill shortages. He highlighted the need for increased opportunities to attract young talent to the sector.


Additionally, the survey found that over one-third of companies (40%) intend to rely on suppliers for training in the coming year. Chris Ingman encouraged more companies to explore training opportunities offered by suppliers, citing SAIT’s success in providing training sessions to end-users.

The survey also revealed that 53% of respondents consider training in their organization as one of the reasons they enjoy their jobs, while 32% feel valued by their employers because of the company’s willingness to invest in training.

These findings underscore the significance of investing in upskilling and training to address the industry’s skills gap and foster a talented workforce.

This survey highlights the metal industry’s commitment to enhancing its workforce’s skills through investment in training and upskilling. It also emphasizes the need for continued efforts to attract and develop young talent in the sector.

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