Leuze Group Celebrates 60 Years of Innovation and Leadership in Industrial Automation

by Anna

In 1963, when the electronics division of the Leuze Group first took root, few could have foreseen its evolution into a global technology leader and market dominator in the realm of optical sensors. As the year 2023 unfolds, Leuze proudly commemorates not only a remarkable six decades of growth but also its 60th anniversary as a trailblazer in the industry.

A Rich Legacy

The inception of the electronics division in 1963 marked a pivotal chapter in the Leuze company’s storied history, which traces its roots back to the 17th century in Eningen/Achalm near Reutlingen, Southern Germany. The Leuze family initially ventured into textile production during a time when mechanical weaving looms were supplanting traditional hand weaving, and cotton was supplanting local linen. Helmut Leuze, a shareholder of the Leuze Group, explains, “In the Lenningen Valley in 1861, our ancestors found precisely the prerequisites they needed for building a mechanical cotton weaving mill and spinning mill.” This marked the emergence of a renowned textile company, which weathered the test of time over generations, adapting and thriving.


The Birth of Leuze Electronics

To safeguard against seismic shifts in their industry, the Leuze family initiated diversification efforts early on, culminating in the creation of Leuze electronic in 1963. Today, Leuze stands as a global authority in sensor technology and a pioneer in industrial automation. Guided by the vision of the fifth generation of Leuze leadership and a workforce of over 1,600 worldwide, known as the “Sensor People,” the company continues to drive innovation in the family business with unwavering dedication and entrepreneurial spirit. With curiosity, determination, a commitment to knowledge, and openness to new technologies, they tirelessly work towards shaping the innovations of tomorrow. Christof Leuze, shareholder and former managing director of Leuze electronic, underscores the collective effort, stating, “Success is always a collaborative effort. This understanding of values is the basis and requirement for the constant further development of our family business. Through the energetic dedication of our employees and often many years of loyalty to our business, we have succeeded in leading our company to its current importance.”


Ambitious Growth Targets

In 2022, Leuze recorded sales of 322 million euros, reflecting a sales increase of approximately 25 percent compared to the previous year (2021: 258 million euros). The family-run enterprise maintains ambitious growth aspirations for the future, underpinned by continued investments in decentralized structures, its skilled Sensor People, and the cultivation of fresh talent.


About Leuze

For six decades, Leuze’s “Sensor People” have been steadfastly pioneering innovations and technological milestones in the realm of industrial automation. Their unwavering commitment revolves around the success of their customers, both yesterday and tomorrow. As a technology leader, Leuze boasts a high-tech product portfolio encompassing an array of sensors tailored to automation technology. These include switching and measuring sensors, identification systems, data transmission solutions, and image processing solutions. In addition to its core offerings, Leuze is a Safety Expert, offering components, services, and solutions for workplace safety. The company maintains a keen focus on industries where the Sensor People possess extensive, specialized application knowledge and years of experience. These industries include intralogistics, the packaging sector, machine tools, the automotive industry, and laboratory automation.


Founded in 1963 and headquartered in Owen/Teck in Southern Germany, Leuze operates with a global presence of approximately 1,600 Sensor People, all dedicated to driving progress and transformation in a constantly evolving industry. They do so within technological competence centers, 21 sales companies, and the support of over 40 international distributors, all committed to making their customers successful.

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