UK’s Hybrid Air Vehicles and Air Nostrum Group Expand Airlander 10 Reservation to 20 Aircraft

by Anna

September 6, 2023 – Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), a prominent UK-based pioneer in sustainable aircraft technologies, has joined forces with Air Nostrum Group, which encompasses Hibernian Airlines in Ireland and Mel Air in Malta, to double their initial reservation of Airlander 10 aircraft, bringing the total to 20.

The original agreement, unveiled in June 2022, saw Air Nostrum Group reserving 10 Airlander 10 aircraft, each configured to accommodate 100 passengers. In this latest development, Air Nostrum Group has committed to an additional 10 Airlander aircraft, thereby solidifying plans to expand the Airlander network from Spain into the Mediterranean region, with a specific focus on Malta.


In March 2023, Hybrid Air Vehicles, in collaboration with the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority of the UK, unveiled a £7 million investment plan to establish Airlander 10 aircraft production in the region. This initiative is poised to create over 1,200 highly skilled jobs and foster vibrant new supply chains.


The introduction of the first Airlander 10 services is slated within five years, and discussions have been underway to explore potential route networks. Leaders from Mel Air (a part of the Air Nostrum Group) and Hybrid Air Vehicles have presented various route options to Transport Malta. These include routes such as Malta-Gozo, Malta-Sicily, and other vital links with Italy, Tunisia, and Libya, emphasizing the advantages of Airlander’s versatile land and water-based operations.


Notably, Air Nostrum has joined the Airlander 50 Development Partner Programme, becoming the first commercial airline partner in this ambitious venture. The Airlander 50, designed to accommodate a 50-tonne payload, holds the promise of revolutionizing the future of freight transportation and point-to-point passenger travel with minimal infrastructure requirements and a low environmental impact.


The Airlander 50 Development Partner Programme empowers key partners and future Airlander 50 customers to contribute to and enhance the specifications of Hybrid Air Vehicles’ Airlander 50.

Miguel Ángel Falcón, Chairman of Mel Air and Vice President of Air Nostrum, expressed enthusiasm for the Airlander’s potential, citing its low fuel consumption, operational versatility in both land and water take-offs and landings, and the range of payload options from 10 to 50 tonnes, starting with the 100-passenger Airlander 10. These qualities position the Airlander as an exceptional aircraft for regional flights, offering ecological and economic advantages.

Tom Grundy, CEO of Hybrid Air Vehicles, underscored the partnership’s significance in driving the future of aviation. He emphasized that the Airlander series is designed to pave the way for commercially attractive and genuinely sustainable aviation services. The Airlander 10 is expected to make this vision a reality by 2027, with the Airlander 50 building upon its success. Grundy expressed gratitude for Air Nostrum’s expanded reservation of 20 aircraft, highlighting their support for the Airlander 50 Development Programme and the journey towards revolutionizing air travel.

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