Roemheld Unveils Innovative Electrically Actuated Clamps, Setting New Industry Standards

by Anna

September 6, 2023 – Roemheld, a leading name in workholding technology, has introduced two cutting-edge clamps that stand out as the only electrically actuated models in the market. These clamps are the perfect solution in situations where pneumatic or hydraulic services are unavailable.

The existing, larger model offers an adjustable axial pulling force ranging from 3 kN to 9 kN. In contrast, the latest, more compact model boasts a rating of 2.7 kN and a clamping stroke of 13mm. It requires just 3mm of axial movement to swivel the clamp through an impressive 180-degree arc.


Mechanical reclamping for precise workholding is facilitated by Belleville springs, ensuring optimal performance. The self-locking spindle drive guarantees safe operation by maintaining clamping force even when the energy supply is disconnected. For seamless automation, all commands and data can be wirelessly transmitted through an optional IO-Link connection.


Embracing Industry 4.0


Roemheld is proud to showcase how its workholding technology aligns with the current and future demands of Industry 4.0. A live demonstration will feature various clamping elements, including hinge, swing, and bore clamps, equipped with sensor technology tailored for automated applications.


These integrated clamping systems are equipped with sensors that continuously measure clamping force, stroke position, and pressure values in real-time. The data is fed back to a display, enabling monitoring and recording of critical information.

This sensor technology delivers comprehensive insights into workpieces and fixtures before the machining process begins, ensuring correct and secure positioning of components. In the event of any errors, the system promptly interrupts the process, allowing corrections to be made before production resumes. Roemheld’s commitment to technological innovation is set to raise industry standards and contribute to more efficient and error-free manufacturing processes.

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