Blue Photon Unveils Innovative Photo-Activated Workholding System for Enhanced Machining Precision

by Anna

September 6, 2023 – Blue Photon, a US-based company, has introduced a cutting-edge photo-activated adhesive workholding system, featuring patented grippers and inserts. This groundbreaking technology is designed for use in conjunction with stabilizer systems offered by Big Daishowa and other companies. These stabilizers provide added rigidity to tall components during the machining process, enhancing precision and efficiency.

The eagerly anticipated “Workholding Stabilizer System” is set to make its European debut at the EMO 2023 trade fair in Hannover, Germany, from September 18 to 23. Visitors can explore this innovation at the Blue Photon stand, B84 in hall 5. Representatives from European sales agent NCMT will be on hand throughout the exhibition to offer live demonstrations and address inquiries.


The workholding system comprises three key components:

Blue Photon Stabilizer Puck: Strategically positioned on the workpiece to offer maximum support during machining, this component transfers some of the cutting force to the machine table and structure.


Adjustable Stabilizer Arm: Ensuring flexibility and adaptability, this component allows precise positioning of the stabilizer puck.


Base Mount: Offering multiple mounting options, including T-slot, threaded hole, and magnetic, this component provides secure attachment for the stabilizer puck.


The enhanced stability provided by the Workholding Stabilizer System translates into several substantial benefits:

Increased Production Throughput: Faster feeds and speeds can be programmed without compromising the part’s surface integrity.

Enhanced Yield: The system reduces the likelihood of scrap and rework resulting from unstable clamping.

One of the system’s standout features is the use of grippers placed into fixed inserts, allowing the puck to adhere to the workpiece. Activation is simple; users position the puck and activate ultraviolet light from a Blue Photon controller to cure the BlueGrip adhesive applied to the grippers. This process takes a mere 60 seconds, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

The adhesive system offers additional advantages, such as eliminating the need for drilling, tapping, or other clamping methods. It also ensures unrestricted cutter paths and avoids unnecessary extensions of cycle times.

During EMO 2023, the Blue Photon stand will also showcase a curated selection of the company’s other innovative adhesive workholding products. These products excel at securing challenging or delicate components, enabling optimal tool access for precise operations such as tight-tolerance, multi-axis milling, turning, electrochemical machining, electrical discharge machining, grinding, or laser cutting. They are equally well-suited for assembly and inspection applications. Blue Photon’s commitment to advancing machining technology is poised to make a significant impact at this year’s EMO exhibition.

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