UK Construction Week Birmingham 2023: Showcasing Industry Innovation and Culture Change

by Anna

Leading Construction Event Highlights Sustainability, Digitalization, Mental Health, and More

From October 3rd to 5th, the NEC in Birmingham will host a three-day construction show, UK Construction Week (UKCW), focusing on the transformative power of culture change within the construction industry. The event will feature over 6,000 products and services, making it a comprehensive showcase of the latest developments in the sector.


UKCW Birmingham will be organized into nine hubs across nine show sections, offering a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with industry leaders and explore topics ranging from new building methods to safety regulations, sustainability, digitalization, mental health, and equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI).


Here are some of the speakers and topics that will be available throughout the event:


Sustainability Hub: At the heart of Timber Expo, this hub will address critical issues, lay out strategies, and present case studies to help the sector achieve its net-zero targets. Highlights include:


Inclusive Design Expansion: Explores inclusive design with insights from Alex Tait, Director of Practice and Individual Knowledge at RIBA, Pareisse Wilson, Design Strategy Lead at Motionspot, and Jenny McLaughlin, Project Manager at Heathrow.

Infrastructure Hub: Sponsored by Conquip Engineering Group, this hub will delve into the latest innovations and industry leadership, covering topics such as roads, rail, airports, tunnels, bridges, and water supply and sewage treatment systems. Don’t miss:

Taking Rainwater Reuse Mainstream: Neil Sewell, Director of Technology Systems at SDS, discusses the journey from peripheral to mainstream rainwater reuse.

Digital Construction Hub: In partnership with Build In Digital, this hub will explore key topics surrounding the digitalization of the construction sector, including the impact of AI, the metaverse, robotics, building safety, cybersecurity, and the golden thread. Highlights include:

Digitize to Decarbonize: James Franklin, Digital Construction Lead at Kier, examines how digitalization can contribute to decarbonization.

Building the Future: Simon Wharton, Co-Founder of PushON, explores e-commerce and digital transformation in the building supply industry.

CPD Hub: Professionals at all experience levels can enhance their knowledge and stay up-to-date with best practices and the latest regulations. Sessions include:

Mental Health Discussion: Anita Malster, CEO of Blossom Mental Health Training, leads a conversation on mental health and its broader impact on life.

Fire Doorset Safety: Mike Shannon, Business Development Manager at JELD-WEN UK, provides insights into improving long-term safety with fire doorsets.

Culture Change Hub: In partnership with NFB and supported by Building People, this hub focuses on improving employee well-being, enhancing inclusivity within the built environment, and addressing work-life balance, mental health, and diversity. Top sessions include:

Inclusive Behaviors Keynote: Sponsored by CITB, Marsha Ramroop, Executive Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at Building People, delivers a keynote on inclusive behaviors.

EDI for All: Laura Bradley, Marketing Manager at Flannery Plant Hire, and Gina Connell, CMO at B P Collins LLP, discuss making diversity, equity, and inclusion everyone’s responsibility.

Nathan Garnett, UKCW show director, emphasized the event’s commitment to informing and educating attendees in an industry characterized by rapid change and innovation. He stated, “The industry is rapidly and ever-changing. UKCW strives to not only inform our visitors but educate them too. We have a strong and innovative seminar and speakers program this year, and we are proud of the diverse subjects on the agenda.”

UKCW Birmingham 2023 promises to be a hub of knowledge exchange, fostering a culture of progress and transformation within the construction sector.

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