Advancements in Complete Machining for Sustainable Production: EMO Hannover 2023 Highlights

by Anna

The pursuit of sustainability has become a paramount concern for industries worldwide. Among the various strategies aimed at enhancing efficiency and sustainability, complete machining of components has emerged as a key technological solution for more environmentally friendly production. The EMO Hannover 2023 trade fair is devoting its efforts to exploring the “Future of Sustainability in Production,” showcasing innovations that address the global challenge of sustainable manufacturing.


Precision tool specialists, grinding machine manufacturers, and machining center creators are well-versed in process optimization. These professionals strive to identify the most productive, economical, and sustainable processes for individual customers. EMO Hannover 2023 is uniting industrial and scientific experts to present the array of manufacturing technologies available for the complete production of even the most complex components, further driving sustainable manufacturing practices.


Complete Machining with Precision Tools

Leading the forefront of complete machining is Paul Horn GmbH, headquartered in Tübingen, Germany. With an extensive range of over 25,000 standard tools and more than 150,000 customized special solutions, the company is primed to fulfill the criteria of complete machining. Horn’s innovative solutions exemplify the concept.

An example from Horn demonstrates the production of a “tick stick” on a sliding-headstock automatic lathe, showcasing the comprehensive process involved in turning, milling, and threading. Another illustration features the complete machining of a nozzle using stainless steel. In both cases, Horn’s tools are designed for minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), ensuring sustainable lubrication without requiring further adaptation.

Redefining Grinding and Automation

The realm of complete machining is expanding beyond turning and milling to include grinding, among other processes. Adelbert Haas GmbH, based in Trossingen, Germany, highlights the role of software as a crucial element in successful and sustainable manufacturing. The company’s precision-focused software allows for digital pre-grinding, visible machining offset, and process optimization. This innovation results in tangible savings in materials, abrasives, and processing time.

The integration of manufacturing control is another significant factor in enhancing sustainability. The ability to digitally map and control the entire manufacturing process, including various components such as automation solutions and cleaning systems, offers transparency in order planning and modification. This digital approach optimizes production, reduces downtimes, and increases efficiency.

Closed-Loop Automation for Process Control

Index-Werke GmbH & Co. KG showcases the synergy between automation and process control, illustrating the journey from producing to handling, measuring/testing, and compensating elements. Through automation solutions, Index introduces closed-loop automation that integrates robots, inspection devices, and intelligent process control units. This approach enables real-time measurement, tool corrections, and process control adjustments, compensating for factors like tool wear and thermal influences.

High Dynamic Turning and Laser Machining

Innovations in tooling and machining concepts, as well as process combinations, are shaping the landscape of efficient production. The Institute of Machining Technology (ISF) at the Technical University of Dortmund is pioneering high dynamic turning processes for machining centers, optimizing the utilization of Y, Z, and C axes. This approach facilitates complex features without tool changes, leading to greater productivity and tool lifespan.

Additionally, the use of laser processes, especially in combination with machining, opens doors to new possibilities in material processing. Laser drilling and deep drilling in a single machine offer flexibility and precision for various applications.

EMO Hannover 2023: Leading Sustainability in Production

EMO Hannover 2023, taking place from September 18 to 23, 2023, serves as a global hub for innovative solutions in sustainable production. The trade fair provides a platform for industry professionals to explore and adopt technologies that enhance efficiency, minimize environmental impact, and pave the way for a more sustainable future. As the world’s premier event for production technology, EMO Hannover continues to drive advancements that reshape the manufacturing landscape towards greater sustainability.


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