Midlands Manufacturing Firm Adopts Novel Shift Approach to Address Labor Shortages

by Anna

Innovative Shift System Introduced to Draw Part-Time Workers Amidst Ongoing Labor Crisis


In response to the persistent labor shortages plaguing the manufacturing sector, a Midlands-based manufacturing enterprise is adopting an inventive strategy by implementing a new work shift specifically tailored to attract part-time employees.


Fabweld Steel Products (FSP), renowned for its production of access covers utilized in the water, energy, and security domains, is revamping its shift system – a significant change marking the first restructuring endeavor in over two decades.

The company is embarking on a pioneering venture by launching a 6 pm to 10 pm work shift, with the primary goal of enhancing its workforce by engaging part-time staff. This progressive initiative is poised to resonate with individuals seeking flexibility or supplementary employment opportunities.

Recent figures from manufacturing organization Make UK reveal that over 74,000 factory positions across the UK remain unfilled, underscoring the magnitude of the labor scarcity predicament. Simultaneously, there is an increasing number of individuals exploring secondary job options. A study conducted by BBC Worklife highlights that 47% of respondents find themselves with limited or no savings by the end of each month, while an additional 15% acknowledge the challenge of meeting routine financial commitments.

Wayne Carter, the Managing Director of FSP, underscores the growing impact of escalating living costs on individuals, compelling them to seek supplemental income sources such as secondary employment. The newly introduced shift configurations, Carter believes, hold the potential to attract not only those in need of extra income but also those who, due to existing commitments, find evening hours more conducive for work.

Carter comments, “As the cost of living crisis deepens, a rising number of individuals are grappling to make ends meet. This revised shift arrangement caters to those who are currently employed and require additional earnings, as well as individuals who possess evening availability due to personal commitments.”

Carter emphasizes the industry-wide nature of the recruitment challenge, asserting that manufacturing enterprises nationwide are confronted with the arduous task of filling vacant positions. FSP, renowned for its proactive approach to recruitment, skills development, and training, is seeking to align with the evolving preferences of the workforce, placing a spotlight on flexibility as a key factor in attracting potential employees.

He adds, “In the dynamic landscape of employment, innovative strategies are essential for enhancing productivity and efficiency while ensuring that employee well-being and work conditions remain optimal. At FSP, we continuously strive to achieve this delicate balance.”

The introduced shift, operational from Monday to Thursday between 6 pm and 10 pm, is intended to cater to the requirements of fabricators within the factory. FSP specializes in crafting bespoke steel products, specializing in the design and production of specialized access covers and gratings.

In an environment characterized by workforce scarcity and changing employment dynamics, Fabweld Steel Products’ pioneering shift arrangement stands as a testament to adaptability and proactive measures in sustaining the vitality of the manufacturing sector. As industries grapple with transformative challenges, FSP’s innovative response offers insights into the evolving contours of modern employment.


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