Acres Engineering Achieves Record Sales Amidst Sector Challenges

by Anna

Derby-Based Firm Expands Manufacturing Space and Sees Remarkable Growth


Derby-based Acres Engineering has marked a significant achievement by attaining record-breaking sales in its most recent financial year, followed by its most successful quarter to date. This surge in performance is attributed to securing substantial contracts within the automotive and aerospace sectors.


The family-owned enterprise, situated within the Castle Lane Industrial Estate in Melbourne, faced considerable challenges amid the Covid-19 pandemic, much like the broader industry. Despite these hurdles, the company is on a trajectory of growth following a stellar twelve months. Notably, Acres Engineering has expanded its manufacturing and assembly space by an impressive third, reflecting its commitment to progress.

Speaking during a comprehensive company-wide briefing to introduce their new ‘Vision, Mission, and Values,’ Managing Director Luke Parker expressed pride in the achieved figures. He attributed the success to a combination of resolute decision-making, prudent planning, and the collective dedication of the entire team.

Parker stated, “These results underscore the outcome of making tough choices, exercising careful foresight, and, above all, the remarkable efforts of every individual in our team.”

Complementing the physical expansion of the facilities, the organization has undergone several strategic role adjustments across its workforce. Additionally, a promising new apprentice fabricator has joined the ranks, further indicating the company’s commitment to nurturing emerging talent.

Parker elaborated, “Acres Engineering is grounded in its family-centric ethos and rich legacy, yet our focus is unequivocally on the future. We are enthusiastically embracing contemporary methodologies and innovative work approaches that have already exerted a substantial positive impact on our operational performance and efficiency.”

Parker emphasized that this transformation represents more of a strategic repositioning rather than a mere organizational overhaul. With a bustling autumn ahead in terms of projects, the company anticipates unveiling further investments in advanced manufacturing and technology later this year.

As Acres Engineering defies industry norms and rises above the challenges, it serves as an emblem of resilience and adaptability within the sector. The company’s steadfast commitment to modernization and growth not only mirrors its successful history but also sets the stage for a future underpinned by innovation and prosperity.


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