Archer Aviation’s Subsidiary Secures FAA Certification for eVTOL Operations

by Anna

Archer Aviation, a pioneering company in the development of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, announced today that its subsidiary, Archer Air, has achieved a significant milestone by receiving its Part 135 Air Carrier & Operator Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This certification enables Archer Air to commence commercial aircraft operations, a critical step in refining its systems and procedures ahead of introducing its eVTOL aircraft, Midnight, into service for airlines such as United Airlines, contingent upon receiving Midnight’s Type Certification.

The acquisition of the Part 135 certificate underscores Archer Air’s compliance with the rigorous safety and operational standards mandated by the FAA. It reflects the company’s successful development and demonstration of the necessary policies and procedures required to operate aircraft commercially.


In addition to the Part 135 certificate, Archer has previously secured its Part 145 certificate from the FAA, authorizing the company to conduct specialized aircraft repair services. With these two essential operational certificates in hand, Archer is well-positioned to initiate its air taxi operations once Midnight obtains its Type Certification. The FAA’s recent issuance of the final airworthiness criteria for Midnight marks another critical step towards this goal.


The Part 135 certification process involved five intensive stages, including the submission of comprehensive operational manuals and procedures, along with the demonstration of pilot proficiency under FAA supervision.


Archer Aviation aims to transform urban mobility by replacing 60-90 minute car commutes with 10-20 minute electric air taxi flights. These flights are designed to be safe, sustainable, low-noise, and cost-competitive with traditional ground transportation. Archer’s Midnight aircraft, a piloted, four-passenger vehicle, is designed for rapid, back-to-back flights with minimal charging time between operations.


Archer’s achievement of the Part 135 certificate represents a significant advance in its mission to revolutionize urban transportation, offering a glimpse into a future where electric air taxis could become a common mode of travel.

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