3M Expands Facility in Valley, Nebraska, Investing $67 Million to Enhance Manufacturing Capacity and Create Jobs

by Anna

3M has announced a significant expansion of its facility located in Valley, Nebraska, with a new 90,000-square-foot addition representing a $67 million investment. This expansion aims to bolster manufacturing capabilities and contribute to job growth within the community.


The expansion project encompasses the installation of new production lines, equipment upgrades, and the construction of a warehouse. These enhancements will enable 3M to better meet the increasing demand for its personal safety products and accelerate production processes.


The investment is projected to generate approximately 40 new job opportunities, further contributing to economic development in the region.

Specifically, the expanded facility will support the manufacturing of 3M’s reusable respirators and PELTOR hearing protection products, essential for safeguarding individuals across various industries.

Chris Goralski, President of 3M Safety and Industrial, emphasized the significance of these products in enhancing safety during critical situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic and in daily occupational environments. He highlighted the essential role of 3M Valley in manufacturing solutions that protect people globally.

To facilitate this expansion initiative, 3M collaborated with the state of Nebraska through the ImagiNE Nebraska Program, leveraging tax incentives to encourage investment and job creation in the state.

Having established operations in Valley since 1979, 3M celebrates 45 years of commitment to the local community this year. The company’s sustained presence underscores its dedication to innovation, economic growth, and community support.

This expansion represents a pivotal step for 3M, aligning with its mission to provide high-quality safety solutions and strengthen its manufacturing footprint in Nebraska.

For more information on 3M’s expansion and job opportunities, visit the company’s official website or contact the Valley facility directly. The investment signifies a promising future for 3M and the local community, fostering economic vitality and continued excellence in safety product manufacturing.


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