Chroma Unveils Enhanced PowerPro 5 Software, Redefining EV Charger Testing Efficiency

by Anna

Chroma Systems Solutions, renowned for precision power conversion test and measurement solutions, has introduced a significant upgrade to its PowerPro 5 automated test software. This enhancement empowers EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) test platforms to simultaneously evaluate up to four electric vehicle (EV) charge ports with various communication protocols, setting a new benchmark in EV charger testing efficiency.


The PowerPro 5 software is an integral component of Chroma’s C8000 automated test system, tailored specifically for the development and evaluation of EVSE platforms (EV chargers). With this latest upgrade, the software now boasts the capability to concurrently test multiple EVs, slashing OEMs’ EVSE test durations by as much as 40%.


The surge in demand for EV chargers underscores the critical role of accessible charging infrastructure in fostering widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Backed by substantial public and private investments, EVSE manufacturers are accelerating platform development efforts to meet the growing long-term demand for EV charging stations.

Key to the broader adoption of electric vehicles in the United States is the government’s commitment to incentivizing EVSE infrastructure. Initiatives like the Inflation Reduction Act provide substantial financial backing, including tax credits and direct funding of $7.5 billion for public EVSE infrastructure under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

The complexity of EVSE platforms necessitates comprehensive testing throughout development and production stages to validate functionality and uphold quality standards. The PowerPro 5 software, operating within Chroma’s C8000 EVSE automated test system, equips operators with a robust software ecosystem and programmable user interface to streamline testing operations.

As manufacturers transition towards multi-port EVSE designs to enhance accessibility and efficiency, the upgraded PowerPro 5 software offers multi-threaded testing capabilities, enabling the simulation of up to four vehicles charging simultaneously. This breakthrough not only facilitates realistic testing scenarios but also drives substantial reductions in overall EVSE platform test durations.

The software’s advanced functionality extends to replicating vehicles utilizing diverse communication protocols, including GB/T, CCS, and CHAdeMO. Moreover, it can emulate vehicle charging behaviors at different times of the day to evaluate power-sharing functionalities with the grid or battery energy storage systems.

Paired with Chroma’s C8000 EVSE automated test system, the PowerPro 5 software integrates essential components of an EVSE test platform, such as AC/DC sources, loads, power meters, digital meters, and simulators, aligning seamlessly with international charging standards. This comprehensive solution underscores Chroma’s commitment to advancing EV charging technology and streamlining the deployment of reliable, high-performance EVSE infrastructure.


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