Würth Elektronik Revolutionizes Power Converter Design with MagI³C Power Module Designer

by Anna

In today’s dynamic electronics market, the demand for power converters spans across diverse industries, including renewable energy, electric vehicles, and consumer electronics. However, the intricate process of designing these converters entails navigating a plethora of technical parameters while ensuring component availability, presenting a significant time investment. To maintain competitiveness amidst rapid technological advancements, leveraging advanced technology to automate and streamline the design and selection process becomes imperative.


Addressing this need, Würth Elektronik has introduced a game-changing tool, the MagI³C Power Module Designer, as an added functionality within the REDEXPERT online simulation platform. This tool aims to revolutionize the power converter design and component selection process, providing engineers with unprecedented efficiency and ease.


Navigating the Complexities of Power Electronics Engineering

DC-DC converters play a pivotal role in transforming DC voltage levels to meet the specific requirements of downstream circuitry. In the design of these converters, engineers are tasked with meticulously balancing various performance specifications, including efficiency, voltage regulation, and ripple voltage and current. Achieving optimal performance necessitates careful selection of components and circuit topologies, alongside rigorous analysis and simulation to refine the design.

Introducing MagI³C Power Module Designer: Simplifying Design Complexity

Würth Elektronik’s MagI³C Power Module Designer offers a transformative approach to power module integration into applications. This innovative tool guides developers through the selection and configuration process, streamlining the integration of power modules without requiring specialized expertise in DC/DC converter design.

By inputting application requirements such as input/output voltage and load current, users receive tailored proposals for suitable MagI³C power modules. Furthermore, the tool allows for flexible configuration of parameters such as output voltage, capacitor value, and switching frequency. Through sophisticated simulations, performance parameters like efficiency and output-voltage ripple are analyzed, empowering engineers to make informed decisions.

Enhancing Efficiency with Advanced Functionality

The MagI³C Power Module Designer leverages the Design Flow section, a pivotal feature of each module datasheet. This comprehensive tool offers a range of functionalities, including setting output voltage, selecting input and output capacitors, and adjusting switching frequency. While the current iteration does not incorporate EMC filter selection, it provides a robust framework for optimizing power module design.

Driving Success through Streamlined Design

Würth Elektronik’s integration of the MagI³C Power Module Designer into the REDEXPERT platform signifies a paradigm shift in power module design. By simplifying the integration process and offering a user-friendly interface, engineers can effectively balance design trade-offs and expedite development cycles. Ultimately, this innovative tool reduces time-to-market and empowers engineers to navigate the complexities of power converter design with unparalleled efficiency.


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