Liverpool Unveils Ambitious Tidal Power Project to Energize a Million Homes

by Anna

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority has unveiled plans for a groundbreaking tidal energy project along the River Mersey, poised to become the world’s largest tidal range initiative. Over a span of three years, meticulous technical planning has gone into designing a project that could potentially revolutionize renewable energy generation in the United Kingdom.


The project aims to harness the immense power of tidal flows by installing 28 turbines, with a collective capacity of 700 MW, over the course of the next decade. This innovative endeavor, a first in the UK, holds the promise of generating an astounding 2 TWh of electricity annually, effectively meeting the energy needs of up to 1 million local households and satisfying approximately 30% of the region’s demand.


Situated strategically on Liverpool’s River Mersey, the project extends beyond mere energy generation. It encompasses plans for a cycling and pedestrian route connecting Liverpool to Wirral via a barrage. This dual-purpose design not only facilitates transportation but also serves as a flood defense mechanism, mitigating potential risks associated with fluctuating water levels.

Initial considerations weighed the possibility of a lagoon layout. However, after thorough evaluation, planners concluded that the barrage option would be more cost-effective and circumvent the logistical challenges of importing materials on a large scale, thus ensuring an efficient and sustainable development process.

With an operational lifespan projected to span 120 years, akin to traditional hydropower plants, the Mersey Tidal Power project holds immense long-term potential. Although details regarding the grid connection remain undisclosed, authorities have assured that the project’s proximity to urban infrastructure obviates the need for new long-distance transmission lines, streamlining implementation.

As the project transitions into the planning and consent phase, the focus now shifts towards submitting a scoping opinion in the third quarter of the year. This will delineate the proposed development and outline strategies for gathering onshore and offshore data crucial for the ensuing environmental assessment—a pivotal step preceding the preparation of a Development Control Order, a process anticipated to span up to three years.

The Mersey Tidal Power project stands as a testament to the potential of tidal range technology, marking the inaugural application of this technology within the UK. Distinguishing itself from tidal stream technology, which typically employs smaller submerged turbines in remote locations, tidal range systems harness energy differentials between tides, presenting a reliable and predictable mode of energy generation.

Operational dynamics of the tidal system entail two-way generation, leveraging the ebb and flow of tides to optimize energy output. Drawing inspiration from established tidal barrages such as South Korea’s Sihwa Lake Tidal Power Plant and France’s La Rance Tidal Power Plant, the project aims to replicate their success, capitalizing on decades of operational expertise and technological innovation.

While specific cost estimates are yet to be released, the multi-billion-dollar project awaits government backing for its developmental phase. However, given the UK’s burgeoning renewable energy sector, exemplified by its robust wind power infrastructure, the Mersey Tidal Power project emerges as a beacon of progress, poised to propel Liverpool and the wider region towards a sustainable energy future.


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