Leeds Manufacturer Takes Strides Towards Sustainability with State-of-the-Art Solar Installation

by Anna

Kingfisher Lubrication, a prominent Leeds-based manufacturer specializing in high-quality grease fittings, is making significant strides in its commitment to sustainability through the implementation of an advanced solar energy system. The company, known for its dedication to employee ownership and environmental responsibility, is set to harness clean, renewable energy to power a substantial portion of its production processes.

In a strategic move, Kingfisher Lubrication has installed a cutting-edge solar PV system, covering approximately one third of its roof space. This initiative not only promises to reduce the company’s carbon footprint but also positions Kingfisher to generate 30% of its production energy from environmentally friendly solar sources. The adoption of this state-of-the-art solar energy system not only supports the company’s bottom line by trimming energy bills but also enables investments in its 46-strong workforce, fostering a greener and more content workplace.


Since transitioning to an employee-owned model in 2020, Kingfisher has actively sought employee feedback, with a particular emphasis on sustainability. This move towards eco-friendly practices aligns with the company’s broader commitment to reducing its environmental impact. The installation of the solar PV system is just one facet of Kingfisher’s broader investment in energy-efficient machinery, marking a departure from high carbon-emitting techniques commonly associated with manufacturing processes.


Kingfisher’s sustainability efforts extend beyond solar energy, encompassing initiatives such as LED lighting and robust recycling programs. The company is not only focused on meeting the demands of global clients like JCB and Scania but is also setting an example for fellow manufacturers to prioritize eco-friendly practices.


Facilitated by funding from Lloyds Bank’s Clean Growth Financing Initiative, Kingfisher is leveraging substantial support for its solar panels and eco-friendly machinery. This partnership marks a significant milestone for the 150-year-old business, propelling it into a new phase of sustainability and innovation.


Helen Thornley, the financial director and company secretary at Kingfisher Lubrication, expressed gratitude for Lloyds Bank’s support, stating, “With Lloyds Bank’s support, we now have the foundations in place to make our ambitions a reality. It is comforting to know the bank is consistently there for us, ready to lend a hand whenever we want to grow and become more eco-friendly.”

Scott Hickling, relationship manager at Lloyds Bank, commended Kingfisher’s commitment to sustainability, stating, “They’ve made changes to their infrastructure and manufacturing processes wherever possible to minimize their emissions. We’re committed to standing alongside Kingfisher as they continue to contribute to making the manufacturing sector that little bit greener, and we support others on the same journey.”

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