Revolutionizing Milling Processes: Sandvik Coromant Unveils CoroMill MF80 for Precision and Efficiency

by Anna

In the realm of machining operations, precision and reliability are paramount goals. Sandvik Coromant, an industry leader, has introduced a tool poised to revolutionize milling processes. Sangram Dash, product application manager for indexable milling at Sandvik Coromant, provides insights into the innovative concept behind CoroMill MF80, designed to enhance precision and cost-effectiveness in milling applications for ISO K and ISO P materials.

Close-to-90-degree shoulder milling is crucial in machining applications, especially as automotive engines become more complex. Automakers are striving to manufacture parts with tighter tolerances and intricate designs, such as engine block transmission cases and gear box housings. The demand for close-to-90-degree shoulder milling tools arises due to their efficiency in machining intricate components with low axial loads, leading to cost savings and increased manufacturing efficiency.


However, challenges emerge in long overhang applications, where shoulder milling can lead to vibration issues. Tool vibrations can result in uneven cutting forces, poor surface finish, reduced accuracy, accelerated tool wear, increased production costs, workpiece inaccuracies, and potential machine damage. Minimizing tool vibrations is critical for achieving high-quality and precise shoulder milling operations.


To address these challenges, Sandvik Coromant developed the CoroMill MF80 milling concept for automotive milling applications in ISO K and ISO P materials. Based on the existing CoroMill 345 technology, the MF80 is designed for secure face and shoulder milling in close-to-90-degree operations with fixture constraints. Offering an even closer approach angle of 89.5 degrees compared to competitors’ solutions, the MF80 provides added benefits in material removal and stock retention for subsequent operations.


In the automotive sector, where reliability is paramount, the CoroMill MF80 comes with the protection of a shim, holding and locking the insert in a defined position to minimize movement and reduce vibrations. The tool is designed with a 40% lighter cutter body to maintain stability and precision in long overhang applications.


Performance tests against competing tools demonstrated the CoroMill MF80’s superiority. In a roughing application on an ISO-K cast iron workpiece, the MF80 increased tool life by 54%, producing 15 components compared to the competing tool’s 10. In a rough shoulder milling application on an ISO-P steel workpiece, the MF80 improved overall productivity by 60%, producing the part in 2.8 minutes compared to the competing tool’s 4.5 minutes. The tool life was also enhanced by 67%.

As a specialized solution, the CoroMill MF80 is meticulously designed for close-to-90-degree shoulder milling in ISO P and K applications, targeting a significant share of the automotive milling market. Sandvik Coromant’s focus remains on perfecting and optimizing this tool for its target niche, offering unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in milling processes.

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