CMZ Strengthens UK Technical Support with New Service Manager

by Anna

CMZ has appointed Richard Eales as the new UK service manager, tasked with managing and coordinating the technical support team in the country as the lathe manufacturer continues its growth trajectory in the UK. One of Richard’s primary objectives is to enhance the support service, providing personalized and customer-friendly attention to meet high market demand.

CMZ, headquartered in the Basque region of Spain, has strengthened its technical support service in the UK due to increased market demand. The company has reinforced its network of qualified technicians and appointed Richard Eales to lead the service team, ensuring a high-quality after-sales service experience for customers.


In the financial year 2023, CMZ surpassed all forecasts, achieving a turnover of €110 million, with 549 machines delivered at an average rate of 2.52 lathes per day. This performance marks a historic milestone for the company, exceeding the goals set by the 2021-2023 strategic plan. The 2023 result surpassed forecasts by 10%, with the initial target set at €100 million.


CMZ’s business distribution is diverse, with 25% of its turnover generated in Spain, 68% in the rest of Europe, and 7% in other countries around the world. The appointment of Richard Eales and the focus on enhancing technical support reflect CMZ’s commitment to delivering excellent service and meeting the growing demand in the UK market.


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