Tata Steel Partners with Imperial College London to Establish Innovation Center for Sustainable Design and Manufacturing

by Anna

Tata Steel has recently formalized a groundbreaking partnership with Imperial College London, marking the inception of a pioneering Centre for Innovation in Sustainable Design and Manufacturing in the heart of London.

The primary objective of this collaborative venture is to expedite technology development and deployment in strategic sectors, attracting top-tier talent while fortifying the collaborative landscape between industry and academia.


Tata Steel has committed an investment of £10 million over the next four years to fuel the initiatives of the newly established center. The strategic focal points for the center include manufacturing for the future economy, smart manufacturing, sustainable multi-material joining technologies, and net-zero construction technologies.


With a core emphasis on sustainable material manufacturing, the center aims to delve into the design and development of downstream processes characterized by low-CO2 emissions, minimal energy consumption, and cost-effective footprints. A pivotal aspect of this endeavor involves harnessing Imperial College’s engineering and design partnerships to facilitate multi-material solutions, placing paramount importance on sustainability within the component-making processes.


T. V. Narendran, CEO & MD of Tata Steel, expressed enthusiasm about the Center for Innovation, stating, “This initiative is part of Tata Steel’s broader commitment to fostering robust industry-academia partnerships, propelling technological advancements, and gaining strategic advantages. Imperial College provides an exceptional academic and research platform with access to an outstanding talent pool. Our vision is to amalgamate research excellence with industry experience to generate cutting-edge technology solutions for a greener future. This undertaking underscores Tata Steel’s unwavering dedication to building a knowledge-intensive organization.”


Dr. Debashish Bhattacharjee, VP of Technology and R&D at Tata Steel, added, “The Center at Imperial will be dedicated to designing and developing sustainable solutions. Sustainability should not be an afterthought; instead, it must be ingrained into the production process and materials design. Tata Steel is committed to pioneering disruptive technologies through active collaboration, and I eagerly anticipate engaging with the esteemed academic institution Imperial on the journey towards technology leadership and sustainable business growth.”

Professor Mary Ryan, Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise) at Imperial College London and co-chair of the Governing Council of the Centre, emphasized the combined expertise of Imperial and Tata Steel, stating, “This new Centre will work towards reducing the environmental impact in steel production and key sectors that heavily rely on steel, such as the clean energy sector. Prioritizing a systematic transformation of industrial systems is essential for creating a zero-pollution future. By doing so, the new Center will contribute to the establishment of a high-tech and economically successful steel industry, both in the UK and globally.”

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